Monday May 27th marked the 10 year anniversary of WordPress, and as you may have guessed OC WordPress took this as a sign that we needed to celebrate. Many people in the OCWP family combined forces and sourced out sponsors, helpers and random awesome people to throw a great event to give back to the community. I was on hand to provide live streaming of the event which I did using some pretty awesome tech.

Utilizing the Logitech Alert 750e master system and Logitech Alert 700n add-on camera I was able to capture the event from various vantage points at the Zeek Interactive offices.

The Logitech 700n indoor camera captured all the action on the other side of the room.

To capture the events occurring in front of the DJ table I used my trusty Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 on a tripod. This allowed me to move the camera where I saw fit and still capture video from the other vantage points.

Below is the 4 hour long video that was recorded at the meetup.

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