So I finally got MT installed and running our the server today. I installed a few plugins (I can foresee more being installed as times goes on) and so far they are working just fine. I was talking to Jen today about starting a blog and to get the blog rolling.. er umm.. I use LiveJournal for my current blogging needs but I starting to see some limitations in it and when they have downtime I have no control over it. I thought it would be a good idea to start a real blog using real blogging software (I’m still not sure if I wanna end up using MT or not). Over the course of the next few weeks I’m going to be redesigning my website and getting my blog to work it. The old site design has been on there for quite some time: The Way Back Machine has has a cool collection of snapshots of my site over the last couple years. The vertical design I did was fun to mess with, and the use of ascii had people asking me how I pulled that off. A friend of my brother’s jacked me for my idea and had a link pointing to my site from his. I got an email from someone saying “Oh cool, so in so did the same thing for you? Thats nice of him”, after that I scrapped that design and went for the Poloroid look.

Hmm, now what should I do?

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