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As a recent convert to the exciting world of Formula One racing, my wife Jen and I have been thoroughly captivated by this adrenaline-fueled sport. Since discovering our love for F1 last year, we’ve been avidly following every race, always looking for ways to enhance our viewing experience. In my quest for more information about the sport, I’ve come across some valuable resources that I believe will be useful for both new and seasoned fans. Here are some of the best finds that I wanted to share.

F1 App for Smart TV

Jen and I watch F1 using the F1 TV app on our Apple TV here are other ways to watch if you using a different device on your TV.

MultiViewer for F1

This app on your computer allows for you to watch multiple views from F1 races the way you see fit. It does require a F1 TV subscription but its really hard to be a fan and not have this subscription to watch the races. With this you can see so many different views of the race, here is a few from their website people are using.

This website shows you the location and weather data of the location the races is taking place at. Such an easy way to find this data.

Delay Timing Feed

If you dont want to watch the live feed on your laptop while watching it on TV you can use this delayed timing feed to watch it in a delayed setup.

Delay F1 live timing feed and add additional visualisations.
If you love watching F1 with the official live timing it can sometimes be annoying if your TV feed is delayed. Knowing an overtake has happened before you see it can spoil the fun. This extension allows you to delay the live timing feed to match with your TV.

Click the “Display Delayed Timing” button when you’re on the F1 Live Timing page to access the delayed feed and additional visualisations to enhance your F1 experience. You must be on the leaderboard tab before clicking.

Visit “Race Control” to view the live timing data archive.

Totally new to F1? F1 Beginners Guide

Catch up on how this sport works, this is a great guide and cheat sheet.

Drive to Survive

If you aren’t watching Drive to survive you need to. Everyone needs some trash tv in their life an drive to survive is reality tv for F1 fans and its a blast!.

Marketing Hype: Formula 1: Drive to Survive is a “documentary” series produced in a collaboration between Netflix and Formula One, to give a behind-the-scenes look at the drivers and races of the Formula One World Championship. The fifth season of the series, focusing on the 2022 season, was released on 24 February 2023, prior to the training seasons and the start of the 2023 championship and the opening race, the Bahrain Grand Prix.

YouTube Channels to subscribe to

Formula 1

Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix 2023

Pete Windsor

2023 F1 Bahrain GP Qualifying by Peter Windsor

Lando Norris



WINNERS & LOSERS at the 2023 F1 Bahrain GP (Practice)

Kym Illman

Which is the best F1 race to attend | part 3

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo: No Brakes Ep 1 presented by Thorne

Charles Leclerc

2023 F1 Season Prep I Winter Training

Community Mentions


Why Max Verstappen is a Sim Racing GENIUS

The Parc Fermé Podcast

Big F1 season preview | Podcast Ep 824

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15 responses to “Geeky fun with F1”

  1. Derek P. Collins

    @jasontucker This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jeremy Kitchen

    @jasontucker nice ergodox

  3. Jason Tucker

    @kitchen these are just photos that I found linked off of their website. This isn’t my set up. I use a laptop on my lap while I’m watching on AppleTV.

  4. Jason Tucker

    @derek if you know of any cool online resources regarding F1 let me know, I’d love to add them to my list.

  5. Jason Tucker

    @thull yeah, some of these people have really nice set ups

  6. Dominik

    @jasontucker great overview, thanks! Looking forward to use F1 Delayed Live Timing today. There’s also a whole community around data analysis – is a good starting point for digging into telemetry data after a session.
    F1 Tempo

  7. Sara

    @jasontucker This was eye opening. I’ve been an #F1 fan since the mid 90s and I got the reputation of being an F1 nerd in my PhD office for following testing pre season via the (then free) live timing on, before it was ever televised. I’ve not kept up with the tech it seems! Sadly being in the UK, I can’t subscribe to F1TV so multiviewer won’t work, and I find it annoying to pay for live timing and not get a lot else Especially when I’m paying for all of Sky to just watch F1!

  8. Piglet

    @jasontucker Good list. I’d also recommend the “funny and occasionally insightful” theparcferme podcast, and as worthwhile. I also enjoy the Driver61 youtube channel.

  9. ghose

    @jasontucker you’re All In!!

  10. Kris

    @jasontucker Enjoy the race today!

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