F1 2023 drivers screen time on new intro sequence 1

I was reading around on Reddit and came across this video doing a timer on how long each driver was on screen doing the new 2023 intro for F1.
F1 2023 Drivers screen time in the new intro sequence

I love some of the comments on Reddit:

Ok, the actions of russell and leclerc in this are cracking me up. Looks like something out of zoolander.


Not to mention Ocon doing a full on Blue steel


Has the order of the drivers in the hype video always been the reverse of the finishing order in last year’s championship?


This one is interesting to me in how they place the order of the drivers in the video. It’s also interesting how they change the order for special things too.

It was, except Abu Dhabi in which they moved Bottas before Max to have the two championship contenders next to each other before the second half of the extended intro.

F1 2021 Abu Dhabi Special Intro (History awaits)


and if you missed it, Valtteri Bottas did a BTS of his media day

ALL ACCESS: Behind The Scenes With Valtteri Bottas On His Media Day!

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  1. Dan York

    @jasontucker FYI, when I follow your link to go to https://jasontucker.blog/14443/f1-2023-drivers-screen-time-on-new-intro-sequence … I wind up with a screen full of JSON. I don’t see the blog post in its regular form. I’m using Firefox on a Mac. I opened Safari and had the same experience. (Well, Safari just showed me a big raw dump of JSON, without the special view FF shows.)
    F1 2023 drivers screen time on new intro sequence | Jason Tucker

  2. Jason Tucker

    @danyork yeah been having some issues with cloudflare as of late. Lemme see if this resolves it.

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