My Tuesday (Hey… thats today!)

Tuesday –

I ditched work today and went to take care of some court issues (license). Left for the court at 7:00, got there with plrenty of time and then went and stood in line to talk to the clerk. The clerk pulled me aside and had explained to me what was going on. Ends up I had 1 warrant with this court and also had something to deal with at a court in Chino. We delt with this one and went into the court room. Few hours passed (it was like being on the set of “Judge Judy meets ‘I’m dumb and didn’t learn the first time not to drink and drive.’ Show” Lame… dumb ass people, I cant believe there were that many people that had prior insodents of DUI. One lady was stopped for driving while having a prescription drug in her system. They still called it DUI, but it didn’t have a blood alkie level. She was going to be thrown in jail for a while but they didn’t resolve it . Man 5 days in the “pokey” would suck, specially for DUI.

So I was up… “Jason Tucker please step forward’Ah great… so I walk up and she asks me some questions, then she asks why I took so long to take care of my shit (ok, so it was from 2000… I’m a slacker.) I said YES and NO and YES YOUR HONOR and that’s about it. Thank god I did… they gave me the price I had to pay and went off to the clerk to take care of it. Paid them and then headed out.

We took off to Chino to resolve the other ticket(s) oh man, I thought it was only 1 ticket, but ended up being 2. No seeing the Judge this time, I paid them and we were on our way. WE thought it would be a good idea to take care of everything in one shot so we headed to La Puente and went to the DMV. We walked in and it was nuts people all over the place and a speaker that kept saying “G204” “G205” and so forth. I got a number.. G407 and filled out the forms. We sat down and waited 1 hour and then my number was called. We headed over there and took care of all that mess, Ends up I didn’t have to retake my drivers test, we did have to pay some fees for the “reinstatement” and some other crap but it was minimal to say the least. Read the letters on Line 3 and then they took my picture. Next up was my written test. Min misses was 3, I got 5 wrong… they had me retake just 2 new questions and I got both correct. Signed some papers and I’m now a driver yet again.

We went home and rested a bit then headed out to Chris’ football practice, where I am now writing this.