[caption id=“attachment_1653” align=“alignleft” width=“254” caption=“Brandon and Corey”]Brandon and Corey[/caption]

My brother Brandon is getting married tomorrow and today we’re trekking out to Hesperia where his soon to be bride lives to take part in the festivities. Today is their wedding rehearsal, my youngest Jessalyn is in the wedding as the flower girl and I hope we can practice dropping flowers enough that she does awesome in the wedding. After that is the rehearsal dinner and then we’re staying the night out there since it’s about 78 miles one way. Friday is the wedding day, from what I gathered from Corey is that March 6th is her parents wedding day so she wanted to have it on the same day as theirs. I hope the traffic out to Hesperia isn’t bad for everyone tomorrow since the way there is also the most popular route from LA to Las Vegas, this is also why were staying the night out there instead of fighting traffic to make it to the wedding in time.

The wedding day I’d imagine will be filled with excitement and will be a joyful occasion, I’m glad to see my brother settling down and I’m happy to see hes settling down with such a great girl.


I will be streaming some of the back end stuff happening before and after the wedding so feel free to checkout my live page.