My youngest daughter Jessalyn is 4 and has only been to a few birthday parties. Her take on a birthday party is one of the following or a combo of any of these:


  • at a park
  • while camping
  • at the beach
  • in the living room
  • in someones back yard
  • a restaurant
With some of these activities:
  • see people you've never seen before and hide from everyone
  • only close family and a few close friends
  • eat food
  • sing happy birthday
  • eat cake
  • eat pizza
  • watch others take a wack at piñata
  • watch a baby eat a special cake no one else wants to eat because he put his face all over it
My 32nd birthday is tomorrow and Jessalyn is VERY excited and I'm curious as to what she thinks my birthday will be and what combonation above she thinks will be occurring. I didn't plan my birthday this year my wife did, my understanding is that she hasn't told Jessalyn about it since she wasn't quite sure what the activity would be. It was either going to be a trip to the mountains to see and play in the snow or a trip to Disney Ice to go ice skating. Jessalyn hasn't done much of the former and has never done the latter. Due to the harsh weather that we have been having here in California it looks like we'll be going to Disney Ice and have fun ice skating. Lately Jessalyn and I have been reading this book before bed called "Skating with Bears" by Andrew Breakspeare. It's about a boy that isnt good at skating and sneaks out and night and puts his skates on and tries to learn. These mounds of snow near the rink turn into bears and they help him learn to skate. With us reading this book from time to time she's been asking me about skating and if I've ever done it before. We talked about how I use to go skating yearly and how I also use to roller blade quite a bit. The connection of skating and roller blading didn't quite work out in her head until one day I put them on and showed her. I'd imagine once we take her ice skating she'll get the connection even more.

Ice skating and my birthday have quite a history. When I was a kid we would pile in as many friends as we could into the car and drive up to Blue Jay to go ice skating at the Ice Castle. We must have went to the Ice Castle at least 4 or 5 years in a row. In 2001 I wanted to go to the Ice Castle for my birthday and that year after a major storm the Ice Castle was severely damaged when the roof collapsed and they closed the place. A few years later we went ice skating at Disney Ice which looks like is now called The Rinks Anaheim Ice and we’ve been going there ever since. I wouldn’t mind making my birthday all about ice skating, everyone but Jen loves doing it. She typically sits on the side or in the bleachers and watches and takes pictures of us. Some day I’ll get her on the ice!