Overheard At Disneyland

My wife and I reupped our annual passes for Disneyland 2010 and I noticed the calendar I used on iCal and on my iPhone were out of date so I created a new one since the person that maintained the last one didn’t add in the 2010 data. We had Deluxe passes both in 2009 and now again in 2010 I thought I’d revisit this idea of sharing a calendar that includes the blockout dates for the Deluxe AP. Below I created links for my shared iCal.

Here is what I posted last year:

I also started looking for online resources to help us out one of which is having our Deluxe Passes blackout dates on our iPhones. To pull this off on our Mac’s in iCal we “subscribe” to google calendar that has all these times listed. You can do the same on a PC using Outlook, check out the icons below to inport the Deluxe Pass blackout dates:

So click the links above and import the calendar into your Outlook or iCal or even carry around the dates as a calendar on your iPhone or Blackberry!