I’ve been experiencing some battery related issues lately with my iPhone 4. I’ve gotten pretty frustrated with how crappy the battery life has been and being the good geek that I am I started investigating more into this matter. I’ve tried a number of changes on the phone to see if I can figure out exactly why my battery life has been so crappy.

When the iPhone 4 first came out I had just my one GMail account enabled using IMAP. I also had push notifications on (I don’t get that many of them during the day at work) and after learning how background processing works I closed every app that I was not using religiously. Later during the week of owning the phone I added on my corporate exchange account and noticed my battery went to crap fast. After reading the event logs on the exchange server there was a misconfiguration on it for mobile devices (we’re a blackberry shop with a BES) so I made a few changes to be made so it would stop my iPhone from getting beat down. A few changes later and the battery life was satisfactory, this change also addressed the same issue with a co-worker’s Android Evo. After the latest update my battery life started going downhill fast. It was typical for my 100% battery at 8:30am to read 75% come lunchtime with little to no usage. I’ve tried restores from backup, starting from scratch and DFU restores / from scratch with no change to my battery performance. I have a feeling this is a hardware issue so I made an appointment with the Apple Store.

So after visiting the Apple Store yesterday and having the Genius at the bar do a DFU wipe my phone he stated that I should go home and plug the iphone in and to not restore   my settings on the phone from a backup. I reluctantly obliged and went home and did jsut that, started from scratch… again. I haven’t seen any improvement after doing this as show in the screenshots above.

Are my findings typical for an iPhone 4 battery? Is a new iPhone 4 the next step to solving this? How is your battery life? Leave me a comment of hit me up on twitter @jasontucker