Tonight I went with my good friend Bill Palmer (@beatweek) to check out a singer / song writer BC Jean (@bcjean) at the Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Blvd. We got there a bit early and had some fun playing an impromptu game of pong using the Faux-Microsoft-Surface-hung-on-a-wall that they use to show off all the music memorabilia on this interactive display. As I set out to blue screen the thing I ended up figuring out that you can fling the photos from one side of this 30" plus display to the other and bunch everything up on one side. Bill was “Player 1” and I was “Player 2” and I ended up getting all of the photos on his side, I rule!

While sitting at the table waiting for BC Jean’s set to start I thought I’d try out this new app called SocialCam. SocialCam is a video recorder that lets you share video quickly and easily using an iPhone. I’ve used uStream and JustinTV in the past with very little luck getting something watchable out of them mainly due to using mediocre / spotty cell service. To fix that issue somewhat this app does it a bit different so instead of it being streamed as it’s recorded the app actually saves the video locally then pushes it out to their servers during recording which improves its quality quite a bit. I’m pretty happy with the results from my iPhone 4 camera in a dimly lit room. The video isn’t “Live” per se but its pretty damn close. What do you think?  

      After BC Jean's set Andy Grammer (@andygrammer) got on stage and did his thing. He sounded great and got the crowd moving.     Jason and BC Jean   BC Jean and Bill Palmer