Last week Mojang the maker of Minecraft released Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS. Pocket Edition has been out for a while now on Android they finally released it on iOS. I love Minecraft, I play it on my Mac at home and my son Chris and I have spent quite a few nights playing multiplayer using on media server building all sorts of great structures and contraptions. Lastly my youngest daughter has been wanting to play but we’ve found that the controls on the computer are too hard to use “WASD” just isnt something she can get he head around. Switching over to arrows didnt help either. Since the Minecraft PE supports multi player gameplay (only via wifi not bluetooth) it’s great to play while at home together. Chris (iPhone 4), Jess (iPad 2) and I (iPhone 4S) with the iPhone 4S acting as server we were able to create 2 multi level structures and begin working on some caves that interconnect to the locations.



Jess love the game and has been able to navigate, select blocks and build just about anything she wants with ease. Ease is the word here, I neglected to say earlier but this version of the game is VERY bare bones which I think is why Jess is able to jump in a play it so well. Typically in minecraft universe you start off with nothing. Your first task is to hit a tree to get wood, then get enough of it to make sticks then planks then a crafting table so you can begin crafting. After which you being mining using your wood based tools until you fine stone then you mix your knowledge of wood based items to build better versions of what you made out of wood. Needless to say, this version skips all of that stuff and gives you some basics to use and that is it.