Last night I was playing with Social Cam and accidentally clicked on a “send to my contacts” button and neglected to select any of my contacts. Well it ends up when you do that it sends to ALL of your contacts. If you got an email, txt, or pigeon/owl at your door it’s because I’m dumb and shared a video with you (all of you, like, work.. family, friends, people I haven’t talk to in ages.. yeah, everyone I know and kinda know.) My phone was blowing up last night and even still today with people wondering why I shared a video of Chris and I watching swing dancing at Downtown Disney.

The scary bit about this is just how many of you went to the link, downloaded the app and watched the video.. woah, my notifications center on my iPhone was going off with the number of people signing up to watch the video. 10 of you last night installed, setup an account and jumped a few hoops to see my video. That either means that you trust me soo much that you just jumped in and signed up or you REALLY wanted to see that video I sent you. Either way, Socialcam isn’t a bad software (an “Are you sure you want to spam everyone on Valentines Day at 9pm” would have been welcomed), I actually use it all the time to record videos and post them quickly on the web. I typically use it at concerts and live events to “cover an event”.

Sorry I hit you up at 9pm last night, enjoy the app though :(