Episode 7 – The Passholders

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PinExt Episode 7 – Jason Calls Donald Duck a BAD word!!!

On this episode The Passholders, Jason Tucker (@jasontucker - ohatdl.com) and Chad Elliott (@daysinthepark - daysinthepark.com), are joined by Cyndee and Angel (@I_Love_Zomby from I Love Zomby YouTube Channel & @NeverlandersSC), Rosemary Domagala-Garcia & Neil Garcia (@findingmickey - findingmickey.com), Amy Ululani Naluai (@amyululani - instagram.com/amyululani)  for a round the inter-webs discussion of all things Disneyland from a Passholder perspective.

In this episode, alongside the founders of the Disneyland Neverlanders Social Club, we blow the roof off of:

  • Limited Time Magic and ‘Lost Lost Friends’ with Auntie Amy
  • You gotta fight, for your right, to just chill out! (Tourists vs. Passholders)
  • Geeking out over Robin Hood
  • History and origin of the Neverlanders, how meet-ups work and are scheduled, and more!
  • “Andy’s Coming!” – Please do NOT do this; it’s just a hoax!
  • Monstrous Summer – 24 Hours at Disneyland, again! and we relive “Another Disney Day”
  • Disneyland Pin Trading and Vinylmation discussion
  • and much more!

Thanks for tuning in!
And be sure to come back next week for more Disneyland discussion; each and every Thursday night at 9pm-PST/Midnight-EST

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