Episode 8 – The Passholders

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PinExt Episode 8 – Bob Dolewhip!

On this episode The Passholders, Jason Tucker (@jasontucker - ohatdl.com) and Chad Elliott (@daysinthepark - daysinthepark.com), are joined by Rosemary Domagala-Garcia & Neil Garcia (@findingmickey - findingmickey.com), Amy Ululani Naluai (@amyululani - instagram.com/amyululani), Ryan Moody (@originaldoriginald.com), and Timarie Brown (@hairbytimarie) for a round the inter-webs discussion of all things Disneyland from a Passholder perspective.

Tonight we prattle on about:

  • Long delays between Disneyland trips
  • Limited Time Magic and going to Long Lost Friends (Chad visits the fairies from Sleeping Beauty, Terk and Jane Porter, Lilo and Stitch, Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs, Mushu and Mulan as Ping, Robin Hood, Scrooge McDuck and Ludwig von Drake, Pocahontas)
  • Jason’s weekly faux pas of the week – X-Men?!?!
  • Iron Man tech at Innoventions
  • The closing of the Market House on Main Street, USA (RIP White Chocolate Chip Raspberry)
  • The last customer and the last coffee refill at the Market House
  • Starbucks vs. Market House – here we go again!
  • Discussion of Disneyland corporate sponsors
  • Real World Hidden Mickeys – Chad’s Hidden Mickey in Toontown (Dalmatian at the Firehouse)
  • Chad’s Mickey Ears “phobia” and discussion

and loads more!

Thanks for tuning in! Be sure to come back next Thursday, 9PM-PST for more Disneyland shenanigans!


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