Episode 9 – The Passholders

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PinExt The Passholders Episode 9   You Dont Know Who Barney Fife Is?!?

On this episode of The Passholders, Chad Elliott (@daysinthepark - daysinthepark.com) is joined by Rosemary Domagala-Garcia(@findingmickey - findingmickey.com), Ryan Moody (@originaldoriginald.com), and Passholder fans Mary & Vince De Guzman for a round the inter-webs discussion of all things Disneyland from a Passholder perspective.

On tonight’s episode we highlight:

  • -Ryan’s most recent Disneyland trip (Goofy’s Sky School and Iron Man Tech at Innoventions)
  • -The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure (and a hidden Incredible Mr Limpet)
  • -Ryan doesn’t know who Don Knotts is?! He’s a Disney icon and family member!
  • -Rosemary visits Walt’s Barn at Griffith Park and discusses Walt’s love for trains with a show and tell (Santa Fe & Disneyland, Firehouse 5 Plus 2, Lilly Belle)
  • -Mickey and the Magical Map; what’s it about?
  • -Will the Market House retain its name now that Starbucks will be there?
  • -Ryan finds a new spot in the Park! The City Hall Survey Room!
  • -Tips on how to ride in the Lilly Belle on the Disneyland Railroad (the Grand Circle Tour)
  • -Bucket lists? (ride in the wheelhouse on the Mark Twain and ride in the front of the Monorail)
  • -Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes
  • -Days in the Park rides every attraction in Disneyland in a single day!
  • -Disneyland Tours (Walk in Walt’s Footsteps)
  • -Monstrous Summer and 24 Hours of Disneyland… again! (and we relive ‘Another Disney Day’)
  • -and words of wisdom to live by… free refills!

Thanks for tuning in! Be sure and come back every Thursday at 9pmPDT for our LIVE broadcast!

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