I have a problem, a big problem. My problem is that I’m overweight and I need a change in my lifestyle. A few days ago I was looking on Facebook and my friend’s wife Ronda-Sue Salas posted a before and after pics of herself after using Shakeology and various workout DVD’s to lose weight. She’s a Beach Body Coach and helps her friends lose weight (and make a few bucks in the process). I sent her the following message:

Hey Ronda, Shakeology huh? I've never done weight loss before, never dieted and I pretty much eat like crap daily. I sleep really bad and I wanna live to see my kids get older. You've been kicking ass and taking names and I wanna know how I can do that as well.
I know Jeremy was telling me about you doing this, ive been watching you on Facebook and seeing your awesome results. I use to be a size 38 waist about 10 years ago, when I left the company Jeremy and I worked together at I was a size 40, now I'm a size 44.
She responded with this:
I have SO many messages from people like yours this is seriously what this business is about, helping others and paying it forward!!
We started a bit of a dialog about this and I talked with her about how the systems she sells works. I'm no newbie to weight loss, I use to do a podcast called GeekFit with my friend Steve. I'm always skeptical with these weight loss systems and their claims but after some research it looks like this may get me going and if I stick with it I'll see some lbs go away. I've lost weight before but I also lost my job, bouts of depression and dealing with a few losses in the family combined with poor eating habits attributed to the weight gain.
So after chatting about it I told her that I'm interested in getting started and what should my next step be. She told me about Insanity Challenge Pack and how it's one of her favorite workout DVD sets and talked with me about Shakeology and how all of that works.I know that doing just those two things alone wont solve all my problems and that I need to get good at tracking my food intake and monitoring both my food intake and my physical output. We have the APIs, we have the technology so I started looking around online.


I chose LoseIt.com to help me track my intake. LoseIt has a very nice database of foods and has more APIs that I can count for interacting with various services. Nike FuelbandWithings Scale, iPhone app, Twitter, Facebook, RunKeeper to name a few. There is a lot going on there and may ways to tap in and out of that data.

What is next?

Expect more posts from me as I start this journey to a smaller and more healthy Jason. If you have experience with any of this I'd love to have some friends in this space, leave me a comment and ping me on twitter @jasontucker