If Apple and Tim Cook really are to milk another year out of the same old iPhone hardware motif they’ve been using since April 2010, they’re going to need help. And that means Cook starring in a Goldmember sequel, so to speak, as the by-now-familiar iPhone 5S is set to come in a gold backed version in the name of keeping things stirred up. Goldmember was the Austin Powers sequel which looked and felt a lot like its predecessor. The gold iPhone 5S could be the same.

The problem Apple has with its iPhone design is that the metal bezel running around all four sides isn’t for decoration; it’s the antenna. By putting it on the outside, Apple keeps the iPhone thinner and svelter. And it’s the real reason the last three iPhones have all looked the same. The only way to move away from that same old boxy iPhone design is to put the antenna back on the inside, making for a bulkier design. So until Apple can miniaturize the rest of the components (read: battery), that antenna may have to remain external. That means Apple has technical motivation to pull an iPhone 5S sequel even though it knows a different-looking iPhone 6 would be an easier sell with the superficial public. So its solution: offer the iPhone 5S in a color like gold, which goes 180 degrees against the black and white offerings which Apple and others have been sticking to for years.

That alone isn’t enough to drive iPhone 5S sales, so it’s just as feasible that Apple will skip straight to an iPhone 6 of some kind, and stick the antenna somewhere else. But regardless of model number, the gold rumors appear to be on the true side, and Tim Cook will be starring in Goldmember after all.

Gold new iPhone: is Apple leaning more Goldfinger or Goldmember? originally appeared on Stabley Times on August 25, 2013.

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