Apple’s iPhone 6 comes with the tall order of not only keeping with the thin and light tradition of the first several iPhone generations, but also competing with Android phones which offer physically larger screens. Such a jumbo sized iPhone is something Apple has fought against for a few years but due to industry pressures it no longer has a choice. That puts the iPhone 6 in the position of getting bigger and smaller at the same time, with a feature set consisting of new and existing technologies. Here’s a look at the top features Apple will be compelled to offer in the iPhone 6:

Screen size

Apple will offer a larger sized iPhone 6. The only variables are just how large its screen will be and if there will be multiple sizes. Its best bet is to offer a five inch iPhone 6 model whose screen size will be comparable with the competition and a four inch iPhone 6 model whose size will remain the same as the current lineup. That allows Apple to target both groups simultaneously. But look for the larger model to be more powerful for reasons which go beyond its display.

Battery life

One of the biggest challenges to offering longer battery life if the fact that the battery takes up the bulk of the interior space of any given mobile device as it’s the only component that manufacturers haven’t figured out how to significantly miniaturize. Apple has worked hard to develop low power processors and a more efficient software operating system so less power will be eaten up during typical usage. But physics dictate that the easiest way to add a larger battery without making the device thicker is to simply make it taller and wider. So look for the jumbo iPhone 6 model to offer an all day battery life while being thinner than the smaller iPhone 6 model.

NFC, 128 GB, and other specs

After sitting out of the NFC arena for the past year, Apple will finally introduce the short range wireless control functionality into the iPhone 6. Apple has been waiting for the technology to become more stable while its competitors fumble with the early stages of NFC that haven’t always worked as expected, but with the iPhone 6 it’ll dive in with NFC. And with the iPad having expanded to 128 GB capacity, Apple know it’s well past time to offer the iPhone 6 with a similar 128 GB capacity.

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