Disney is still receiving blowback for its decision to raise prices on tickets and plans for Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and its other U.S. theme parks. The news was quietly slipped out late Saturday night without advance warning, in the apparent hope that no one would notice. But instead, the blowback has been immediate. “Walt Disney would be appalled by what it costs to take a family to his park,” stated on disgruntled Disney fan. “He made this park for families to come and have a great time at a affordable price. Now you have to take out a loan to have that great time.” But is the outcry warranted?

Single day, single-park tickets to Disneyland have been increased by four dollars for 2014, which barely enough to keep up with inflation. A park hopper ticket has seen a more severe thirteen dollar price hike, well ahead of inflation but still less than a ten percent increase. The more severe impact appears to be on the annual and seasonal pass side of the pricing scheme, where the deeply discounted Southern California Annual Pass for state residents has caused local controversy. Disney has relented and is allowing current SoCal passholders to renew for one more year if they do so within the next three months, but it appears the plan is on its way out. Not everyone, however, is against the idea of Disneyland and Walt Disney World price increases.

“Advanced warning of the price increase would defeat the purpose as then everyone would go renew before the increase and it would be a full year before Disney saw the effects of said increase. The idea is to raise the prices suddenly, unpredictably and force numbers to go down,” one Disney fan named Adam commented. “The problem is that people are apparently willing to pay any price Disney asks. So expect to see a change of tactics coming soon. Limited numbers of passes, or drastic increases instead of incremental ones.”

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