I love seeing companies embrace a group of people and really take on the challenges that they face. Whenever I start doing research on things I want to get involved in, most recently commuting to work using my bike I come across some interesting articles. I love coworking spaces and places to stop by and meet like-minded folks, recently Levi’s announced that in Los Angeles, London and Brooklyn they are opening a commuter workspace. This is a place where people can stop in, have their bike valeted (I gotta try that), use their workspace, enjoy coffee, free wifi and tailoring services (well, they are Levi’s). They have a bunch of events happening at these 3 spaces that may be fun to check out.You can read more about it over on their tumblr http://levis-commuter.tumblr.com/events

They also have a commuter store where they sell gear that is made of commuters (their $88 Levi’s Commuter 504 Regular Straight Jeans look to have a U-Lock holder on the waist band. Alas, they don’t make these in size 44 (my current size pants) but I’m working towards losing weight in my commuting efforts.

The LA based podcast Bike Talk will be at an event there August 15 doing interviews with city leaders, advocates and journalists if you commute in DTLA this may be the event to check out. The following day August 16th LACBC will lead a group architecture tour of DTLA ending at the LA river which sounds like fun.