With it being 5 months since Danny Ric putting anything out on his YouTube channel Daniel Ricciardo it looks like Yuki Tsunoda and his PR team are starting up a channel for him, the first video focusing on fitness, fun in the water and fun in the desert of Dubai. Most of the video is with his Australian performance coach Michael Italiano who also worked with Daniel Ricciardo when he was with McLaren. As stated in a recent interview with Dive Bomb "I am eager to help Yuki grow as a person but and as an athlete." Michael has been making the rounds on various YouTube channels Scuderia AlphaTauri, PitStop, Lakeside Drive F1 Podcast and his own YouTube channel Michael Italiano Formula One Coach.

I've only been watching F1 for that last year and Yuki's been one of my favorites in the various promo videos he's done for his love of food, AlphaTauri and Redbull Racing and over is a racer I really want to see do well. With Danny out this season its good to see someone like Yuki doing videos like this, I always liked the ones that Danny did and Yuki's video looks promising.

YukiTube EP1: Dubai 2023 Preseason Training Camp BTS

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