Through this entire pandemic, I haven’t had Covid, but yesterday I wasn’t feeling good so I took a test just to make sure and ends up I do have Covid, so I told my family what’s going on, and I rearranged my home office to be able to accommodate me.

I informed my Work of what was going on just to make sure that things are covered there. I’m the only IT person on staff so I’m just having people submit tickets that I can work on when I’m feeling better or once I’m back in the office.

I spent the whole day in the home office I’m taking various cough medicines and other things that my Jen was having me take. I went from being hot to being cold to shivering having my internal core feel like I’m on fire and then being very sensitive to what I was eating and drinking. I ended up having a little bit of a quesadilla, which was not a good idea and for dinner I ended up eating some broth noodles which worked out pretty good.

I’m kind of mad because I was planning on getting my Covid shot this week as well as the flu shot but I guess I’ll have to wait a little while before I can do that.