The big topic for today was the FEMA test for sending out notifications to cell phones. The FCC and Fema worked together to test the notification systems we have in place by trigging everyones phones of an alert much like an AMBER alert. Whats interesting here is they also triggered this same thing on TVs in the form of over the air, cable and satellite broadcasts to be broken in and show the message on the screen. What I think is interesting is a lot of folks were posting on social media about this not occurring for folks watching YouTube, Hulu, Netflix etc streaming providers. There is a lot involved in making this FEMA test and breaking into you watching YouTube or Netflix would be quite involved to make happen.

Some folks posted that they didn’t get the alert at all Phone didn’t get the Emergency Alert System test? This may be why

Other folks didn’t watch the crazy amount of posts on social media telling them about what is going to be happening. FEMA and FCC Plan Nationwide Emergency Alert Test for Oct. 4; Test Messages Will be Sent to All TVs, Radios and Cell Phones