We dont have the kids this weekend, their dad has them. This morning Caitlin’s team played and won yet again. It really only looks like her team as just 1 team they have to try really hard to beat. Today I grabbed a few xbox games and played NBA Live 2004 as well as Pro Race Driver. The racing game is pretty badass, I really enjoy the graphics and playstyle on it. I’m going to check out The Suffering next, I hear that game is pretty cool too.

Tomorrow my brother and his GF are coming over to do their usual sunday visit. In the morning I’m going over to my aunt and uncles house and either install a harddrive or clean up their already installed drive. *shrug* it’s up to them really. When I get back from there I’ll kick it with my bro and trade some xbox games with him and see what tones I can kick his ass in :).

So I suck at BBQ… I know.. I’m a man, how can I? WEll.. I do ๐Ÿ™ I have all these gadgets to help me with it but I still suck at it. Anyone know if you can take a BBQ’ing class somewhere? (Dont tell me, “Go look online” because i have, and it helped me get into this mess to begin with). Any ideas?

Couple things that caught my eye today:

XIR Easy Kit

XIR Easy Kit review

Trunk Monkey

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