Live video stream from a helicopter at OCMMA 1

Live video stream from a helicopter at OCMMA 2

Thursday night 10/14 I’ll be doing another event with OCMMA (Orange County Multimedia Association) but this time it’s the main event… STREAMING VIDEO FROM AN RC HELICOPTER! The folks from f-Stop Aerial Video will be bringing out their helicopter setup rigged with an HD camera. It will be transmitting video as well as recording HD video locally on the camera. I’ll be receiving the transmitted signal and streaming it out on  Come by my site at to join in on the action.

From the Web – Video Crossroads blog:

A monkey wrench was thrown into our plan to fly a remote control helicopter in the New Horizon’s parking lot in September. Our demo team was called to North Carolina for a paying gig flying and videoing a convention using their aerial art. We were able to switch topics for our September and October meetings thanks to Jason Tucker, our podcasting expert from our August meeting. He gave us a very detailed lesson on live-streaming, thereby, becoming the first person to give back-to-back awesome presentations. He is also booked to do the live-streaming of the rc-helicopter’s video signal at the October meeting.

Our HD video shoot from a remote control helicopter will now take place at a lighted baseball field a few minutes from where our meeting will start at New Horizons. The buzz about this event is huge!

If you can’t make it to New Horizons in Anaheim on 10/14 watch my twitter account @jasontucker and I’ll be posting when the live stream will begin! (I may even do a two camera setup like as time!) More info on the event can be found over at the OCMMA website.

Live video stream from a helicopter at OCMMA 3
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