2.5 million views on YouTube

Earlier today WPwatercooler (YouTube) crossed over the 2.5million view mark on YouTube (we also have over 1,000 subscribers too!). The show has live streamed from events in Phoenix and Miami and has also had its cast chiming in from the waiting room of a courthouse and from a car, Se Reed stealing wifi from a coffee shop! Our regulars can’t get enough of being on the show and will do just about anything to make it. Chris Lema recently did a post entitled Our Secrets: How WPwatercooler crossed 2.5 Million Views which is interesting because I too was blogging about and spilling some secrets on How to start a podcast using WordPress and PowerPress over at my blog WPmedia.pro. Suzette Franck the WordPress Evangelist at Media Temple posts about her time on WPwatercooler regularly which makes me super happy 🙂 When Steve gets around to doing his once a year blog post in 2014 we may hit 3 or even 4 million by then. 🙂

I want to thank our regulars, our some-timers and our every-once-in-a-whilers for dropping in at 10:30am on Mondays to do a 1/2 hour preshow and then start recording at 11:00am for another 1/2 hour to do the stream and recording. Thanks for being there for us it wouldn’t be the same show without any of you.

If you are interested in being on WPwatercooler or just wanna be notified when the latest episode has been posted click here to get added to our mailing list.

Looking for a list of WordPress podcasts to listen to? Brian over at Post Status has an awesome list for you and Carrie Dils sweet  list too!

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