It looks like quite a few of my friends (and family including myself) got or bought an Ipod this christmas. I’ve been playing around with mine and I’m trying to configure it to my liking. Here is what I have noticed so far:

  1. It’s imperative that you get some sort of cover or holder for the ipod. The lame lil jacket they give you was a nice thought but its practical for everyday use.
  2. As much as apple says they love podcasting, they refuse to separate podcasts from the music and videos. (all my podcasts keep showing up in the artist and other meta data fields)
  3. You have to clean up your act and get your media files organized or its a nightmare to find anything on the ipod.
  4. You need to use Smart Playlists to access all of this data and exclude the podcasts and movies on the ipod.

With all that said the device kicks ass once you get it working to your liking.

My new IPOD 1 You need to create SmartPlaylists to make things easier to find on the device. I came up with a few things that work for me (see left).

The folder scheme doesn’t translate into the ipod so its mainly there for me to see in itunes.  I have a set of smart playlists for podcasts, Star ratings, “Base Playlists”, and some music related ones too. I havent polished all of these just yet but I do have some that work pretty well for me.

Podcast Video: 0play and 5day do the same kind of thing where it gives me a list of all of the video podcasts that havent been played or are 5 days new.:
My new IPOD 2

The Podcasts ones kinda do the same thing (I’m having it exclude the PodioBooks since I have a PodioBooks playlist already setup):
My new IPOD 3

more to come….

In the next few days I’ll be posting a bunch more of these over at my site expanding more on the Pimp My iTunes post I did a while back. Come by if you wanna check them out.

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