Ok, this is just way weird. You remember how I took my Mac to the Apple Store in Brea? Well, I was looking on Digg today and found this article:

Mac Genius lives in truck for more than a year

Bussell was working full time as a “Mac genius” at the Apple Store in Newport Beach, sharing a $1,600-per-month apartment in Aliso Viejo. He had racked up more than $10,000 in credit card debt and was struggling to pay for school and save money for a three-month road trip. So on July 29, 2005, he started living in his truck. More…

Thats the SAME Genius that is working on my Kernel Panicing Mac. After reading that article I thought “is that the same Andy Bussell?” sure enough it was. I clicked the picture of him sleeping in his truck and there he was, the same guy!

Wow, way crazy stuff right there. Andy, if you’re reading this congrats on all that you have done with the resources you limited yourself with.

Link to his blog here: http://gotruckyourself.blogspot.com

Another article with video:  here

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One response to “Weird Mac occurance – My Apple Genius lives in his car”

  1. Andy Avatar

    Hey! Last I checked the RAM was bad and the logic board needed to be replaced. But I have monday-wednesdays off for school so hopefully those guys have it just about done.

    Funny about this whole thing, isn’t it? I’ve even been contacted by people from Oprah and Leno. What a strange couple of days. It’s fun though.

    Have a good day!