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Make it harder to Command Q an app on OS X

We’ve all done it, we’re knee-deep in some research or we’re writing an extra long email or throwing items into a shopping cart on some website and all of a sudden you press ⌘ Q  (Command Q) and there goes all that hard work you have been working on, especially if you neglected to save and the…

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Setting up Xibo using Vagrant on OS X

Vagrant is a powerful tool for spinning up a dev or test environment quickly and easily. If you have no clue what you are doing like I do currently you may run into trouble. Why am I using vagrant? Well, I didn’t WANT to use vagrant but I wanted to try Xibo the open source…

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Working with Tags in OS X

Yesterday I wrote about how to use tags to group applications and how to use Alfred to search for them. This post will be how to work with Tags in OS X and ways to work with them from both the GUI and the Command Line. How to add tags to files The easiest way…

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