Live streaming with an interactive audience is hard

Bridget Willard and I started WPblab as a way for her and I to answer people's questions about WordPress and to be able to share our knowledge with our viewers. We started this show on a new yet now sunsetted live video streaming website with some new features that we¬†couldn't find elsewhere. It reminded…Read More

What Is oEmbed and Why You Should Use It – WordCamp Orange County 2016 At WordCamp Orange County 2016 I spoke about something that I thought was going to be very simple, oEmbeds. What I found was that oEmbeds are very complicated under the hood yet make things super simple for the end user. What is oEmbed? oEmbed is a format for allowing an embedded representation of a…Read More

WordPress with Non Profits – Women Who WP

Nonprofit Resources I wanted to share with you some nonprofit resources that I know about that may or may not relate directly with WordPress. With most web development gigs you tend to find out that you need to be the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker. Dealing with DNS, email migration, email setup, FTP,…Read More