• Magnetoids

    Awesome, another cool toy to play with in the office. Link Boing Boing: Tired of Silly Putty? Try Magnetoids

  • Well at least they have their own magazine for that stuff now.

    Oh great now theres a whole magazine devoted to the area of Maxim I usually skip… Now if they could only just remove it from Maxim then I’d be happy. Is it just me or do guys enjoy spending 300 bucks on a “ringer” Tshirt with “cockblocker” written on the front of it?

  • This is going to hurt in the morning….

    Welp, I finally came up with a decent design: http://www.abstrakone.com/ Leave me some feedback.

  • Date Night

    Tonight is date night (wednesdays) the kids are gone to their Grandparents house for church and stuff and Jen and I get to hang out and do couple stuff. Couple stuff you ask? Sure.. Dinner.. Movies… Play games.. You know, go places and do stuff together. Cept right now were sitting at our computers looking […]

  • Get things started.

    So I finally got MT installed and running our the server today. I installed a few plugins (I can foresee more being installed as times goes on) and so far they are working just fine. I was talking to Jen today about starting a blog and to get the blog rolling.. er umm.. I use […]

  • First Post!

    Here’s my first test post to my new blog. We’ll see how this goes 🙂