Jessalyn turns Six

    My daughter Jessalyn 6th Birthday is today, at the exact time of me writing this actually. I remember being extreme nervous and super proud to have a baby in our lives. Jen and I packed up what we needed and me being me I video taped the entire experience. In the car I'm doing this documentary style quick interview of her but talking to the camera as if I'm talking to Jessalyn.

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    My youngest daughter Jessalyn is 4 and has only been to a few birthday parties. Her take on a birthday party is one of the following or a combo of any of these: Place: at a park while camping at the beach in the living room in someones back yard a restaurant With some of these activities: see people you've never seen before and hide from everyone only close family and a few close friends eat food sing happy birthday eat cake eat pizza watch others take a wack at piñata watch a baby eat a special cake no one else wants to eat because he put his face all over it My 32nd birthday is tomorrow and Jessalyn is VERY excited and I'm curious as to what she thinks my birthday will be and what combonation above she thinks will be occurring.

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    Jessalyn’s 4th Birthday at Disneyland

    [caption id="" align=“alignnone” width=“375” caption=“Jessalyn at Disneyland”][/caption] Click see the pictures from Jessalyn’s 4th Birthday at Disneyland

    Happy Birthday Jessalyn, she turns 4 today.

    [caption id="" align=“alignnone” width=“180” caption=“Jessalyn and Dad”][/caption] My Daughter Jessalyn turns 4 today; she's grown from this little tiny infant to an awesome 4 year old “big girl”. It’s funny the nicknames you give your kids and how sometimes they contradict themselves. I call Jess by many names: “big girl”, “short stuff”, “sweetie”, “sweet pea” (she gave herself that one) and my fave “love bug”. Big girl and short stuff are all relative and it just shows how much she’s grown over the last few years.

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