Our annual tradition, Letterboxing on January 1st

    On New Year’s Day, my family and I went on our annual outing of going out to a local park and go letterboxing. What’s a Letterbox? Letterboxing is an activity that you do where you go to a website select a letterbox to find and go out and find it in the real world. How does it work? The process goes like this, you go onto a letterboxing website (we like letterboxing.

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    Epic Breakfast with all our friends and family. #2016

    Instagram filter used: Normal Photo taken at: Whittier, California View in Instagram ⇒

    Playing in the street

    I spent a lot of my time as a kid outside playing. I wasn’t much of a sports person (I’m still not) but I really enjoyed being outside. Playing with the neighbor kids and goofing off was the best. Today I caught Jess outside with her friend playing ball next to the curb, I thought I had the perfect picture so I went to go snap it and her friend noticed that I was taking a picture of them.

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    Jessalyn turns Six

    My daughter Jessalyn 6th Birthday is today, at the exact time of me writing this actually. I remember being extreme nervous and super proud to have a baby in our lives. Jen and I packed up what we needed and me being me I video taped the entire experience. In the car I'm doing this documentary style quick interview of her but talking to the camera as if I'm talking to Jessalyn.

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    What is Family?

    I’ve been thinking about this recently and I wanted to lay it all out there and define what Family means to me. You see recently for some reason my kids have been talking about relationships within our family and figuring out who is what and applying labels to them all. I overheard a discussion with my two daughters where they were talking about who their Dad is and why the older 2 kids call me “Jason” instead of “Dad” like our younger one does.

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    World of Color

    Last night we got a phone call from my Jen's friend Christie telling us that she got fastpasses to see World of Color at Disney's California Adventure for her whole family but they got tired and didn't want to use them. She invited Jen to go with her and I asked Jen that if they had an extra that I'd be interested in going too. You see, Jen broke her ankle 8 weeks ago so she's stuck using crutches or a wheelchair to get around I'm use to pushing Jen around Disneyland so I had no problem with going and helping out with getting Jen to the event.

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    Whittier Earthquake – March 16, 2010 & October 1, 1987

    I have lived my whole life in Southern California and I've felt quite a few earthquakes in my time living here. The biggest one I've been involved in was the Whittier Narrows earthquake which was a 6.1 back in 1987. I was 10 years old at the time and my 5 year old brother and I were staying at my Grandmothers house the quake happened in the morning while we were all still sleeping.

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    My youngest daughter Jessalyn is 4 and has only been to a few birthday parties. Her take on a birthday party is one of the following or a combo of any of these: Place: at a park while camping at the beach in the living room in someones back yard a restaurant With some of these activities: see people you've never seen before and hide from everyone only close family and a few close friends eat food sing happy birthday eat cake eat pizza watch others take a wack at piñata watch a baby eat a special cake no one else wants to eat because he put his face all over it My 32nd birthday is tomorrow and Jessalyn is VERY excited and I'm curious as to what she thinks my birthday will be and what combonation above she thinks will be occurring.

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    Happy Birthday Jessalyn, she turns 4 today.

    [caption id="" align=“alignnone” width=“180” caption=“Jessalyn and Dad”][/caption] My Daughter Jessalyn turns 4 today; she's grown from this little tiny infant to an awesome 4 year old “big girl”. It’s funny the nicknames you give your kids and how sometimes they contradict themselves. I call Jess by many names: “big girl”, “short stuff”, “sweetie”, “sweet pea” (she gave herself that one) and my fave “love bug”. Big girl and short stuff are all relative and it just shows how much she’s grown over the last few years.

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    Tips to make the most of your Disneyland Annual Pass

    My wife Jen and I bought Disneyland Annual passes yesterday (3/20/09) and we’ve been working on ways to make technology help us on our trips to The Park. Before we bought our passes (and went to Disneyland) yesterday I started looking on the iPhone to find some apps related to Disneyland and found these two: Disneyland California Mini Guide [iTunes, $0.99] Not the most in depth look at Disneyland by any means but it does not require internet access for the app to work.

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    Wedding Bells - Corey and Brandon Tucker

    [caption id=“attachment_1653” align=“alignleft” width=“254” caption=“Brandon and Corey”][/caption] My brother Brandon is getting married tomorrow and today we’re trekking out to Hesperia where his soon to be bride lives to take part in the festivities. Today is their wedding rehearsal, my youngest Jessalyn is in the wedding as the flower girl and I hope we can practice dropping flowers enough that she does awesome in the wedding. After that is the rehearsal dinner and then we’re staying the night out there since it’s about 78 miles one way.

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    Birthday sleep overs and shooting stars

    This weekend is Caitlin’s birthday and she has some friends over spending the night to celebrate. She and her Mom agreed to X number of friends over to spend the night, it looks as if that number doubled or something. The small apartment we live in has been quite loud downstairs where the girls have taken over. From what I’m gathering the girls are planning on TPing some ones house in our neighborhood.

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    My Wife brought back the Friday Five

    My awesome Wife Jen has brought back something on her blog that we use to do every Friday on our LiveJournal’s back in the day… Friday Five. The idea is to read my answers then copy paste the questions to your own blog to give you something to blog about :) Lets begin… Would you consider yourself an organized person? Why or why not? No, not very much in the “meat space” but on my computer(s) I am.

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    My tech savvy daughter and the iPhone

    My daughter is 3 years old amazes me to no end when it comes to her and technology. Yesterday Jen and I were upstairs in bed watching TV and Jess comes in and asks to play with my iPhone. I had it over and she begins flipping around the screens looking for "Mr Chalky" which is what she calls iChalky. She finds it and loads it up and begins playing with it while lying between Jen and I.

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    Halloween Birthday Rainbow

    [blipit id=1417425] On my way to work this morning I saw this amazing rainbow. I pulled out the jailbroken iPhone and recorded the video using cycorder. After doing so I gave my wife and call and told her to go outside so we could share this awesome view. Happy Birthday Jen!

    Video of BubbleFest at Discover Science Center

    My daughter Jessalyn and I drove down to Santa Ana to go to the Discovery Science Center to explore and see the special event BubbleFest. Jessalyn had a blast looking at all of the exhibits and interacting with all of the kid friendly things they have there. Wet sand, Van de Graaff generators, Clifford’s town, Yellow Submarine, Dinosaurs and lots of bubbles are just some of the great things at this facility.

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    Jessalyn turned 2 on the 25th!

    Saturday: Jessalyn turned 2 on the 25th of this month. We spent the morning watching her favorite cartoons, Uncle Brandon got her a tricycle and watched her brother play football. Later in the day we sang Happy Birthday and she got to rip into her presents. She tried to burn herself a few times with the candle on the cake but no hospital visits were needed :) I took a picture of her every so often to make a “Day in the Life of Jessalyn” using 247 pictures click the link below to check that out:

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    Weird feelings

    So today I’ll be attending my Aunt Cindy’s funeral. I have a feeling its going to be very weird there. See, I havent seen my Aunt for a LONG time. I think the last time I saw her was when I was 13.. or something around there. My brother was saying he’s barely remembers her and her kids. See they moved away when I was young and we’d get cards from them at random holidays throughout the years.

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    Arizona weekend update.

    Friday: I got home from work and we headed out to Norco to help my mom pack and move stuff into the truck. The plan was that Jen would go with me to help my mom box stuff up. Brandon had 2 of his friends come over to help out. Both of which Brandon picked up so he’d later have to drive them back to their houses. I played the longest game of tetris, it took us from 7pm until 2am to have the truck packed.

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    Sick and tired

    Tuesday I came home and felt like crap. I laid on the couch as each family member asked me “are you sick?” I didnt feel sick really, it felt more like I was tired and ‘out of sorts’. Later in the evening Jen told me to go to bed(I guess she got tired of me looking all sicklike) so I went up stairs and crashed out. Wednesday I didnt wake up until 10ish, I didnt tell my boss I was sick and there was an email from my boss waiting for me asking if I’m still alive.

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    From years end to the start of a new year.

    2006: The beginning of December my power steering in my 1966 mustang went out; I still haven’t fixed it. Then Christmas came and everything went well, I got to see my family, Jen’s family and our kids family too. The kids got Nintendo DS’s and Jen got me an awesome MXL990 mic. I got her an Ipod Nano and I bought myself (with my christmas money) an Ipod 30gb.

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    Happy Birth-o-ween Jen!

    Happy Birthday sweet heart! I wish you many many many many many more to come. Your the only person I know that is guaranteed to get candy on their birthday and its a costume party every year. I <3 you soooo much.

    Brain Dump

    Here is some random things I’m thinking about: $: Lets not go there. :( Friends: I'm excited about Steve coming down for the Expo and hanging with me. It's crazy how he and I spent sooooo much time together back in the day; working together, hanging out after work, hanging out at lunch and on the weekends. Then we both move away from each other and were still the best of friends.

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    Wednesday, 3 days until official moving day

    Yesterday I busted ass and moved all of the boxes from the dining room that Jen and Kelly packed last weekend. Caitlin and I moved the boxes to the Durango and then we drove over to the new apartment. When we got there we were greeted with about 10 kids that live in the complex. Caitlin knows a few of them and said Hi and “We’re moving in to previous tenants name’s old apartment”.

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