Don’t get screwed on new post-holiday return policies

    I stole the following from this Consumerist article. I thought it was pretty important to share since I don’t want to see any of my friends get screwed over while returning presents this holiday season. Consumer Reports released some advice for potential shoppers. Here’s their advice: Get a receipt or gift receipt. Despite longer grace periods, retailers are becoming more insistent on a receipt in order to get a refund, and they’re more inclined to turn away customers without proof of purchase.

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    Re-learning to unicycle

    Back when I was a kid I did all sorts of things to keep myself entertained, here’s a quick list: BMX Bikes Mountain Bikes Pogo Sticks Scooters Rollerblades Skateboards Unicycle Unicycle?? Really? Tell me more? Somehow in my preteens we acquired a unicycle. It was a Schwinn and it was a pain in the.. well, inner legs to be quite honest. The seat HURT and I mean HURT a bunch, I'd have rashes and bruises in my inner thigh near my groin area due to how crappy this seat was made.

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    Presentation – WordPress and 3rd Party Web Applications – OC Podcasters

    At the March OC Podcasters meeting I did a presentation on how to get wordpress to interact with some popular 3rd party web applications such as Twitter & Facebook along with sharing posts on social networks. The day started out with me putting the final touches on my Keynote presentation I’d be showing at the event. If you were to ask my wife she would say I spent all day messing with it… and most of the day before too.

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    Wordpress and the iPhone

    Wordpress announced today their new iPhone app Wordpress for iPhone. I’m actually blogging this using the application and it works quite nicely. Yesterday I tweeted about the need for a solid blogging app for the iPhone, typepad has this sort of app currently but didn’t support wordpress. I’m stoked! Wordpress blog post about Wordpress for iPhone Download the app for yourself at the App Store Below is what this app looks like on the iPhone.

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    Brain Dump

    Here is some random things I’m thinking about: $: Lets not go there. :( Friends: I'm excited about Steve coming down for the Expo and hanging with me. It's crazy how he and I spent sooooo much time together back in the day; working together, hanging out after work, hanging out at lunch and on the weekends. Then we both move away from each other and were still the best of friends.

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    4.88TB media server.

    I was reading on today about this guy that made a “500 DVD server” which is (20 x 250gb drives) = 4.88TB of data. Thats insane!

    Spinners… AGAIN!?!?!?

    So I got this email (see below) from this girl Mara on myspace wanting to know if she can buy a set of the spinners I “made” (errr, I mocked up in photoshop / imageready) and now she wants to buy a set. Click the link in the message below to see the post she was referring to: Hello, my name is Mara and I am currently expecting my first baby boy.

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    QVC and Amazon

    From QVC: 2966332964 2/16/2006 H95809 Sleep Number Deluxe Queen Pillowtop Bed by Select Comfort 1 3/6/06 From Amazon: Items shipping soon: Delivery estimate: February 27, 2006 - March 1, 2006 1 of: Monster Cable THX V100 CV-8 Component Video Cable Items shipping soon: Delivery estimate: February 28, 2006 - March 2, 2006 1 of: Samsung HL-R4266W 42" HD-Ready DLP TV

    Nylon cheese-sandwich bag protects toasters

    Nylon cheese-sandwich bag protects toasters Tastabags are re-usable nylon sandwich bags that you can put your cheese sandwiches into prior to heating them in a toaster they keep the molten cheese from getting all over the place. Just pop in your prepared grilled cheese, stick it vertically in the slot of a wide-slot toaster, and come back for your sandwich in a few minutes! link This is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

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    Glowing rims: “GloRyder”

    GloRyder Wheels (their site doesnt say much so this is speculation on my part, mainly by looking at the images) are these centercaps that go on your car wheels and shine colors lights to cast over the front of your rims. From what it looks like is that these are LED’s and they just shine light to make your wheels look a different color. The video on their site shows them on stock wheels so they must just be some sort of snap on.

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    Target to sell BigGames Home Video Arcade machines at less than $500

    Target Stores will offer BigGames Home Video Arcade machines that play 12 of the original arcade versions of the most popular Midway games including: Defender, Defender II, Robotron, Joust, Bubbles, Splat, Sinistar, Rampage, Rootbeer Tapper, Wizard of Wor, Timber, and Satan’s Hollow. I wonder if someone will hack this thing and stick a computer running MAME software in it? Sorta like I did.. I guess it wouldn’t be a hack since it allows for AV inputs and my MAME computer had AV outputs and you could just hook that up to it.

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    I want…

    This keyboard really whoops the llamas ass. Well, actually yeah.. you can see what song is playing on the screen on it from Winamp. So break out the checkbook and buy me one damnit :) (Xmas is coming, and my birthday is in January.. just a FYI) Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard Pros: Backlit; USB hub; programmable macros with profiling; no unnecessary keys; media controls; LCD that’s functionality grows with time.

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    The Lullabub has four modules that are placed under each leg of your child’s crib. Each module produces a soft rocking motion—like the suspension of a car—with four settings and an automatic timer to shut it off after the child drifts off. Look for it sometime before the end of the year.

    first pocket PC post

    this is my My first post using Pocketpc im writing this using the transcribing Feature but my writing sucks.

    Corpse Bride Tech

    Awesome tech writeup on how the Corpse Bride is being made using SLR cameras and Python (Yes Steve, python) of all things.

    How Google Maps Got Me Out Of A Traffic Ticket

    This didnt happen to me, but this person used google maps (and an open wifi connection in court) to get himself out of a traffic ticket. I wonder how many other people have used a laptop in court and have stolen open wifi access to plead their case? I gues EV-DO or some other cellular based connection could have been used, but the luck to find open wifi in court is pretty cool.

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    Wil at E3

    I just saw that Wil is at E3 with Xeni Jardin. I really with I could have attended E3, I did hear its 30-40 bucks for parking in some places there. F that, I’d take the train there! The story he did with Xeni for Day to Day will be online around 3PM EDT today. (so wil says in his blog)

    AntWorks pt. 2

    I took some pics of my AntWork Ant Farm that I have on my desk at work. This last weekend was nuts for those lil guys, they tore it up and did some pretty cool tunnels in it. We’ve had 2 casualties (one was during shipping of the ants) and the other just died for some unknown reason. The ants ended up burring the dead just a lil bit below the surface.

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    So a while back I got a “AntWorks” spaceaged ant farm. Growing up as a kid i had one but it sucked, if you moved it the tunnels would collapse. The description for the gel is as follows: “This miraculous gel, derived from a NASA Space experiment, serves as both habitat and nutrition for your ants - allowing you to watch in awe as they turn a brick of aqua-blue gel into a fascinating colony of tunnels.

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    Snoop Dogg setting scooters now? Well sorta.. these scooters look like a bigwheel thats your drive backwards. Anyhow, if Snoop likes’em then that means you should too! (uhh not really)

    Fossil Fool: Neon lights for Lowrider bikes

    Is your bike not gangsta enought for you? Ok, so you got the spinner wheels and the bouncy bouncy curved forks, now for lights! Yup lights on your gangsta ass ride, check it: Fossil Fool: Neon lights for Lowrider bikes

    Deuce Bicycle Spinner Wheels

    Really tho, they go spinners for bikes now! And.. get this, Jamie Foxx is slangin' them! Deuce Bicycle Spinner Wheels

    blacksocks: Sockenabo - schwarze Socken online bestellen im Socken Shop von Blacksocks

    One of my previous posts was about a service that was the netfix version of Purse trading. Now theres another, this time its about SOCKS! I shit you not… SOCKS! Um… Ewww..The sockscription - there is no easier way to deal with your sock angst. Blacksocks is the inventor of the revolutionary sockscription™. This is how it works: You choose between black mid-calf or knee socks. Once you place your order you will receive your first delivery within a few days.

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    foofbags - handmade laptop bag (sleeve) for ibook or powerbook

    Zona, looks like this may be something you might wanna get into : foofbags - handmade laptop bag (sleeve) for ibook or powerbook

    Fish tank mouse.

    It's an optical mouse with a built-in fake fish tank. Now you have a mouse that matches your platform shoes with the fishtank inside. :)
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