Re-introducing myself to blogging

    I’ve been blogging for well over 20 years and found that each time I set out to start blogging the website is usually the thing that stops me from being productive. I wanted to see if I could remove the fiddly bits of a website and just use something that is not only purpose built, but also doesn’t have a whole lot of fiddly bits to mess with, so I moved my website from my self hosted WordPress to a service called Micro.

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    Momentum - My favorite browser start page

    If you're anything like me, opening a new tab can often lead to a rabbit hole of distractions. That's where Momentum comes in its a game changing browser extension that transforms your new tab page into a personal sanctuary of focus and productivity. Instead of the usual blank slate or a clutter of bookmarks, Momentum presents you with a beautifully designed dashboard that serves multiple purposes. It not only helps you stay laser-focused on your tasks but also keeps you organized with built-in to-do lists and even sprinkles in a dash of daily inspiration.

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    F1 2023 drivers screen time on new intro sequence

    I was reading around on Reddit and came across this video doing a timer on how long each driver was on screen doing the new 2023 intro for F1. F1 2023 Drivers screen time in the new intro sequence []( I love some of the comments on Reddit: Ok, the actions of russell and leclerc in this are cracking me up. Looks like something out of zoolander. oleboogerhays Not to mention Ocon doing a full on Blue steel

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    Playing in the metaverse

    Recently on WPwatercooler EP436 – A New Dimension of WordPress we had Anthony Burchell on the show to discuss with us the use of 3D in the WordPress block editor. I've been playing around with metaverse environments for the last few years with the Meta Quest 2 and found that this functionality to be quite awesome. With Anthony's new plugin you can add the blog to your post and then upload some .

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    Streaming high school sports games for others to watch

    Going to your kids sports games are hard, scheduling time around your day to go to them a well as dealing with the travel to get there in time. Some of these games happen at 2pm on a Wednesday, who can leave work to go it it? I try my best to go to every game my kid is in, she plays varsity water polo in high school and I want to see every one of her games if I can.

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    Should we replace Facebook with our personal websites?

    In the era of social media should we look to take back our voice from the monetized networks of social network and go back to the roots of the internet with personal websites? Under construction digging guy My website journey began building websites in HTML, tables and inline styles. The days of <font> tags and knowing how to craft table tags, colspan. Back when we used <b> for bold and we didn't <em> anything just italics.

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    How I cleaned my MailChimp mailing list

    Back in August I did a little of spring cleaning and cleaned out my mailing list for my WordPress podcast network WPwatercooler. The idea was that the number of opens and click through's are pretty low and the number of people that were joining the show as participants was getting smaller so what I did is I took a list of all the people that were recently on the show for the last 12 months and added them to a do not remove list and then went through and removed all the folks that have never opened one of the emails and got rid of them.

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    WordCamp US in Nashville 2017 with my 12 year old daughter by my side

    This past weekend November 28 - December 3rd my 12-year-old daughter Jessalyn and I flew out and attended WordCamp US in Nashville Tennessee. As I wrote in my previous post -  WordCamp US through the eyes of a 12 year old Jessalyn and I were sponsored to go to WordCamp US by the kind folks at Bluehost via Women Who WP and giving us the means of flight and lodging to attend the event.

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    Stepping outside of my existing workflow and trying new things

    Like most people, you find what works for you and you typically stick with it, I'm looking to change that when it comes to software, hardware, and services that I pay for. I use a bunch of web development tools to get the various jobs and tasks that I do on a regular basis and I'm starting to see that some of these things I only use only because I know the people that make them or I've been using it for years.

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    WordCamp US 2017 from the eyes of a 12 year old

    I'm attending WordCamp US in Nashville Tennessee at the end of this month. This is the first time since WordCamp SF turned into WordCamp US that I'll be attended this event. For the last few years, aside from the local WordCamps here in California I've haven't been venturing too far from home to attend a WordCamp. WomenWhoWP wanted to send two people to WordCamp US Bluehost said they would sponsor those people. So WomenWhoWP put an application on their site, we applied, and were selected from the entries.

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    Don't get caught looking at the clock during a live video stream - Video Streaming Tips

    In this video, I'm going to show you a million dollar tip, one that makes it very easy to stay engaged with your live video stream without showing your viewers you are looking at the clock. I record about 2 hours of live video each week and I have hard starts and hard stops on these shows so I need to look at the clock a lot. The best way I've found to not get caught looking at the clock is to move the time to the center of the screen so people watching me won't see me look at the time periodically.

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    How to build a new WordPress website - https migrations, seo, contact forms, google analytics

    This month at my local WordPress meet up I demonstrated how you can build a WordPress website and what tools you need to get started. I covered a myriad of topics and our plan is to cover this series for the next couple months. We hope that folks can figure out how to build WordPress websites themselves by combining all the info we share in this series. Here is the video from WhittierWP, my local WordPress meet that I co-manage.

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    I discuss how I like Anchor

    I discuss how I like Anchor so far and how similar it is to apps that I've used in the past. [](

    DMC-G7 Firmware v2.0 adds Post Focus feature

    I love when new features get added to existing product. Version 2.0 of my Panasonic DMC-G7 to include a Post Focus feature. How does this work? Their firmware update docs describe this feature as: The camera can do Burst recording in the same picture quality as 4K photo recording while automatically shifting the focus to different areas. After the recording, you can select the desired area on the screen and save a picture in which the selected area is in focus.

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    Things I wish I could do more

    I’ve been thinking a bit about things I wish I did more and could do more, here is my running list. Excercise Back when we had Disneyland passes we ended up walking all over the place there, now that we don’t our walking around (and eating random foods there) has declined. I’d love to start walking in the evening again, something we should have done during the summer months but it’s still doable.

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    Cool Stuff - WATCH: Japanese people who live in Internet cafes because they can't afford apartments - Boing Boing

    WATCH: Japanese people who live in Internet cafes because they can’t afford apartments - Boing Boing via Boing Boing

    Cool Stuff - Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook calls CNBC's Jim Cramer on 10th anniversary special of "Mad Money" TV show

    Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook calls CNBC’s Jim Cramer on 10th anniversary special of “Mad Money” TV show via AppleInsider - Frontpage News

    Setup a custom Web Search with Alfred

    I work at a church and I’m constantly looking up bible verses on my Macs (and iOS devices too). On the Mac I’ve been using this tool called Alfred which is a Spotlight replacement tool for searching your mac. But it does more… so much more than that. You see, Alfred is also a workflow system and has custom Web Search capabilities. Today I’m going to show you how you can add any website search to Alfred.

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    Podcasting 101 - WordCamp OC 2014

    [embed width=“674” ]…[embed]… Thank you for watching my talk at WordCamp OC 2014, video and slides and been added to this post, check the links below for posts and items I mentioned and if you have any questions leave a comment or contact me. Microphone links Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone (Brushed Aluminum) – $69 – Røde Podcaster – $229 – Apogee MiC Microphone – $199 – Apple.

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    Video recording how I record a WordPress meetups

    Tomorrow I’ll be documenting with video how I go about recording the meetups I attend over at OC WordPress. I’ll be doing this using my Google Glass and will go step by step about how I end up recording our meetups. I hope to show the various steps and places that need some improvement. I hope someone learns from it since I’ll be posting it over at my WPMedia.Pro website.

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    Showcasing all that you do in one place isn't easy

    So I applied a new theme to this website today in hopes that I can get things looking halfway decent. You see I’ve had this domain and my old domain for quite a while and it’s changed look and feel a lot over the years. Whenever I’d lose my job and I started looking for a new one I’d slap on a fresh coat of paint and clean it up a bit.

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    Techniques for using video on your WordPress site

    In this post I plan to help you understand what oEmbed is and why it’s so awesome, how to make your embedded videos from YouTube or Vimeo be 100% width with the correct aspect ratio for the height, and help you set a featured image for your post from your embedded video’s thumbnail saving you time. Let’s get stated. What is oEmbed oEmbed is simply a way for WordPress authors to include audio, video and other media in their blog posts without using a standard embed code to make it happen.

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    Black Friday list from an IT Guy

    Black Friday tips from an IT Guy. I’ve had so many people ask me for my opinion on what tech to buy so here is my list: I like Apple. Buy a MacBook. You don’t like Apple or it’s too expensive? We use Lenovo at my work too, get something with Windows 8.1 and at least 8gb of ram. Buy a Mac :) buy office student edition, it’s cheap. Cell phone for your kid?

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    Checking out the Android app for WordPress

    Streaming live from OCWP meetup

    I'm streaming live at OCWP, check it out: <p> Published via <a href=''>Pressgram</a> </p>
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