Installing the pancakes

    I worked on a project today where I installed a new sliding pots and pans holder into our old kitchen wall oven space. Now they finish that project up. I thought I would start working on cutting 6 inch holes in the ceiling and replacing existing directional lighting with really thin, flat, pancake lighting. I did the first one as a test. It worked out good so I am going to be doing three more and hopefully getting them all done tonight.

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    Smart leak detectors you need in your home

    I read this article You Need Leak Detectors in Your Home, and More Than You Think from Life Hacker today and they mention various places to put leak detectors in your home. Places like water heater, crawlspace, garage, toilets, under sinks, dishwasher, refrigerator, laundry, roof, boiler/radiator, fishtanks and HVAC. The one place we use ours the most in our home is our garage freezer. It’s a freestanding upright freezer and its older and has a lock on it that requires a key.

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    Add captions to stuff. Instagram video? Captions. TikTok video? Captions. Stories, Reels? Add captions

    This may sound weird but I watch so much video content with my phone muted, if you post a video, I most likely didn’t watch it due to you not making captions for it. It takes a few seconds, help me

    The wrongly accused NameDrop feature in iOS17

    I’m a beta user of iOS, have been for many years and I use the betas on my daily drivers (iphone, ipad, macbook pro, apple watch, apple tv) and I use new features on iOS far before they come out to the general public. The one feature that is getting a lot of attention right now is NameDrop. What is NameDrop? With iOS 17.1 and watchOS 10.1, you can use NameDrop to quickly share contact information with a nearby iPhone or Apple Watch.

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    What tools I use produce & promote WPwatercooler

    Computer and audio equipment none of them connected to one another haphazardly on a desk. Image ironically generated from ChatGPT I’ve been thinking about the video production stack I use for recording, streaming, transcribing, subtitling, repurposing, and promoting WPwatercooler on social media. I thought I’d share what I’m using. If you’ve used something different, I’d love to know what you are using. If you have any questions about my setup, please give me a shout on socials (see footer), and I can help you out.

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    Automating with iOS using CarPlay and the Action Button

    I’ve been messing with the Action Button on my iPhone 15 Pro Max and coming up with fun ways to get shortcuts to run when you press it as well as when you plug your iPhone into CarPlay. This gives you 2 different ways to make some fun things happen when you are using your iPhone and when you plug your iPhone in to your car or collect to wireless carplay.

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    Guys trip to Convict Lake - Hiking to Marsh Lake

    I went on a trip this past weekend up to Mammoth Mountain and camped at Convict Lake with some guys. During our first hike there, I came to the realization that I’m no longer in my 20s. I’m also overweight and not accustomed to long hikes. We hiked through Little Lakes Valley up to Marsh Lake, following Rock Creek so our guys could fish there. The hike was beautiful, but I struggled with the ascent.

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    The one about the water flosser

    I’ve been on this water flossing kick after a TikTok Registered Dental Hygienist named Krysta started talking about it on there and I had to give it another try. I went to Costco and got the water flosser and travel flosser combo and both are working quite well. When I was a kid I had one, but I had no instruction on how to use it, so I probably didn’t do a very good job which is why my teeth are kind of jacked up now.

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    The one about the Taylor Swift concert movie

    Tonight my 18 year old daughter Jess and I are seeing Taylor Swift at the movies at 10:30pm, it’s gonna be a long night and last night I didn’t go to bed until 2 AM in anticipation for this, so hopefully things turn out well tonight. Tonight’s fit for the 3 hour concert movie Update: I slept from 4pm-8pm expecting to take a 45 min nap but ended up full on sleeping.

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    They didn’t win but we did get to sing “Take me out to the ball game” quick fact - The song was penned in 1908 by 29-year-old Jack Norworth, a Tin Pan Alley songwriter who, by his own account, had never been to a baseball game ⚾️📸

    We buy souls

    My super dog Lincoln

    Mr. Lincoln

    Life on a wire

    My daughter and I were stopped at a traffic light and she said "look dad, lots of birds!" So I quickly snapped this shot.

    Car stereo install

    Stereo installed in the Accord, steering wheel controls installed and mic for Bluetooth working. As well.

    Jessalyn as Betsy Ross for a school project

    Jessalyn is doing a report on Betsy Ross. I bought her the wig, bonnet and flag costume. She tried it all on while we were working on her sandwich board sign she has to wear while presenting. I'm excited for her.