WP-WebAuthn - Passkey on WordPress

    With Google recently announcing The beginning of the end of the password I started thinking about WordPress and what plugins are available that allow for passkey support for authentication. Using only your username you can use the passkey system to use your computer or mobile device to perform the rest of the login sequence. Google is moving toward this so I might as well explore this a bit further. WP-WebAuthn Looking in the WordPress plugin directory I found a plugin that I've been using for several months on WPwatercooler's website called WP-WebAuthn created by Axton which includes a WebAuthn Login Form block if you need it.

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    What's with ActivityPub + WordPress + Cloudflare not working?

    I've been on a journey to get WPwatercooler.com to be on the fediverse and it hasn't been as easy as I was thinking it was going to be. Folks that run a website and want to use Mastodon to build community around it have a few options for being presented on the Fediverse. This post isn't going to help you solve this yet but I hope we can work out what needs to be done in order to do so.

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    Using ChatGPT to optimize YouTube content for WPwatercooler

    I recently started using ChatGPT to try and optimize the YouTube content for my website, WPwatercooler. In the past, I struggled with writing descriptive text for the "in the description down below" section of my videos and found the process of creating metadata for my episodes to be tedious. I hired a YouTube consultant to provide some critiques and recommendations, but I still needed a way to make the process more efficient.

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    Playing in the metaverse

    Recently on WPwatercooler EP436 – A New Dimension of WordPress we had Anthony Burchell on the show to discuss with us the use of 3D in the WordPress block editor. I've been playing around with metaverse environments for the last few years with the Meta Quest 2 and found that this functionality to be quite awesome. With Anthony's new plugin you can add the blog to your post and then upload some .

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    The problem with WordPress blocks, full site editing and custom fields plugins

    In this post I want to share with you some of my thoughts regarding WordPress blocks custom fields plugins and the recently release full site editor in WordPress 5.9 Josephine. For the last three years I've been using Beaver Builder as my page builder of choice and have been using the Themer functionality in Beaver Builder to allow me to use custom fields generated from Advanced Custom Fields Pro to display post custom field metadata on posts I have written and website layouts I've created.

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    WordPress 5.9 - Testing before release

    It's a day before release and I wrote a twitter thread this week brain dumping some of the ideas I have for 5.9, the future of WordPress and it's compatibility with my history with the software. WordPress the software has been an interesting journey for me, I've been using it very early on and before that, moveable type. The interesting part of it is its evolution and how things have been added, removed, added and changed.

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    How I cleaned my MailChimp mailing list

    Back in August I did a little of spring cleaning and cleaned out my mailing list for my WordPress podcast network WPwatercooler. The idea was that the number of opens and click through's are pretty low and the number of people that were joining the show as participants was getting smaller so what I did is I took a list of all the people that were recently on the show for the last 12 months and added them to a do not remove list and then went through and removed all the folks that have never opened one of the emails and got rid of them.

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    Videos from January 2017 OC WordPress developer meetup

    At the January 9th 2017 OC WordPress developer meetup Brandon Dove and Jacob Arriola did presentations that I recorded. If you are into WordPress you may enjoy and learn from these mrxuzsi.

    WordPress 3.6 “Oscar” version released: advanced autosave, Spotify

    The latest version of WordPress, version 3.6, is now available and includes a beautiful new blog-centric theme, autosave and post locking, a redesigned revision browser, native support for audio and video embeds, and improved integrations with Spotify, Rdio, and SoundCloud. Matt Mullenweg Co-Founder of WordPress speaking about the future of WordPress at WordCamp San Francisco 2013. New features in the WordPress 3.6 “Oscar” release The new Twenty Thirteen theme inspired by modern art puts focus on your content with a colorful, single-column design made for media-rich blogging.

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    Website Development Podcasts

    I’m always looking for new things to inspire me in my work. Running my own company and not having anyone on staff to bounce ideas off of can seem tricky at times. Inspiration comes in may forms, and one of them for me is podcasting. I like the idea of listening to conversations even if I’m not able to participate. Here are my fave WordPress and Web Developer podcasts: [caption id="

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    Using Git with Dandelion for staging and production deployments.

    I’ve been recently setting up my local development environment using a combination of a few pieces of software and web services to get this going. In upcoming blog posts I’ll be going over each of these in detail, for now here is my list: DesktopServer Local development server that uses XAMPP and some magic. I've heard it described as "awesome" and "awesome in a bottle", from the same person in the same sentence.

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    OC WordPress General Meeting 2/28/12

    Last night I attended my OC WordPress meeting at Zeek Interactive in Huntington Beach. I hitched a ride with my friend Cindy Ronzoni, and talked it up doing our drive out from Whittier. Cindy is a treat to talk to, she’s a PR person that doesn’t mind me getting a bit geeky from time to time. She’s a curling fan, love TV and Movies and has a knack for talking to people.

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    OC WordPress Meetup 7/25/2011

    Last night we had our OC WordPress Meetup at Zeek Interactive in Huntington Beach. I streamed the event live using uStream and then posted the files to YouTube. As like with my previous recordings this one had some faults too… the main one was Auto Focus. The recording went very well and I’m impressed it looks as good as it does using what I was using. Someday I’ll end up “recording to tape” instead of just grabbing the highly compressed version from uStream the day after.

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    OC Wordpress June Meetup Video Stream

    This is a playlist of videos recorded from the OC Wordpress Meetup in Huntington Beach California on 6/27/2011. Links to OCWP related pages: OC Wordpress Meetup page OC Wordpress on Facebook (closed group, ask for an invite) Tweets during OC Wordpress using the #ocwp hashtag A great round up from Dave Cole regarding this particular meeting. Here are a few things I'd like to do a bit different next time: Install CamTwist on the presentation computer to screen grab and and have it stream the screen to uStream as a secondary camera Use a tripod instead of a shreader and a tupperware container (I didn't bring mine from home since I left straight from work to the meeting) Have reliable 4G service or be able to use the bandwidth from the office (we didn't want to interrupt the remote webinar demo session that was going on, CLEAR Wireless signal was faint 4G in the building) Have a mic at the podium feeding into my computer Not end up with 3 or 4 files as an end result from youtube / ustream.

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    Presentation – WordPress and 3rd Party Web Applications – OC Podcasters

    At the March OC Podcasters meeting I did a presentation on how to get wordpress to interact with some popular 3rd party web applications such as Twitter & Facebook along with sharing posts on social networks. The day started out with me putting the final touches on my Keynote presentation I’d be showing at the event. If you were to ask my wife she would say I spent all day messing with it… and most of the day before too.

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    Windows Live Writer

    Wait... what? Jason's using a windows editor for blogging? Last time I wrote about an editor was when I tried out MarsEdit for the Mac. My buddy Steve was looking for an app that would let him write blog posts while offline. He was checking out a few of them and I remembered Microsoft Live Writer and suggested it to him. I thought I'd give it a try as well since from the number of posts I've done with MarsEdit I didn't use it every much.

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    LA Wordpress Users Group

    The Grove I attended the first ever Los Angeles Wordpress Users Group yesterday at The Farmers Market in LA. I’ve never been to The Farmers Market before so it was a pretty cool experience. Typically when I’m in LA I got to downtown or the west side never where the farmers market is at. I parked in The Grove parking lot since I didnt have cash to pay for the parking near the farmers market.

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    Geekery at its finest

    I was on Geek Week #4 for the podcast A Geek and his Wife. Kevin and Heather do a couple cast where every other week Kevin invites a geek to be on the show and geek it up. This week its was ME! We talked about my background, my podcasts, MAME, Xbox hacking, Asterisk, WRT45G hacking (with DD-WRT) and other fun stuff. Give it a listen: Geek Week on A Geek and his Wife podcast - Tucker Time Subscribe via iTunes

    How to: Get Falbum to work in Wordpress 2.0

    I'm writing this post in hope of helping someone that are having issues with Wordpress 2.0 and getting the latest version of Falbum (the off site flickr album viewer for wordpress) to work. The main issue is that if you want to get Falbum's friendly url's to work you'll need to enabled them. Then edit the .htaccess file in the root of your blog directory and move the block of code that talks about Falbum above the wordpress block.

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    Wordpress 2.0 “Uploader”

    So if you havent noticed (or care) Wordpress 2.0 changed up the way it deals with uploads. I found a website that describes this and why they went about it. I’ll save the typing for someone else and just link you over to it: http://www.darcynorman.net/2005/12/24/wordpress-20-upload-management

    Upgrade to Wordpress 2.0

    So I did the upgrade to wordpress 2.0 on this blog (abstrakone.com) and didnt have any major problems as of yet. I also installed Livejournal Crossposter which I have yet to try (actually im doing this post to test it). I also installed XrisXros which does the same thing, but for MySpace.

    JasonandJen.com relaunch

    I have relaunched JasonAndJen.com using Wordpress 2.0. I’m having a few CSS issues with Mac IE but other than that its working pretty well. I have added a few cool things to the blog: Falbum - which allows me to display my Flickr photos on the blog instead of passing the viewer over to flickr. [Demo] Nice Archives - this makes the archives list prettier FeedWordPress - This will let me pull in feeds from the family members blogs and have them be displayed on the front page of the blog.

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    Website redesign

    I’ve just finished some cleaning up on the redesign I did last night on my website. I think this design is pretty cool, the guy that cofounded deviantART created the wordpress template that I used as a base. He did a lot of cool things that are built into the template, some of which I took out or moved around a bit. Using someone elses design as a base especially for Wordpress is a good way to learn the templating system.

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