How I cleaned my MailChimp mailing list

Back in August I did a little of spring cleaning and cleaned out my mailing list for my WordPress podcast network WPwatercooler.

The idea was that the number of opens and click through’s are pretty low and the number of people that were joining the show as participants was getting smaller so what I did is I took a list of all the people that were recently on the show for the last 12 months and added them to a do not remove list and then went through and removed all the folks that have never opened one of the emails and got rid of them. I went through and looked at all the people that haven’t clicked on the links in the emails and I set them with a special tag that I will at some point clear out. The reason why I did this is I wanted to figure out who the audience actually is and by having a bunch of people receiving the email I had this bit of a hesitation whether or not my efforts were actually worth doing sending out this weekly.

So a bit of background regarding this I send out an email each week asking people if they would like to be on the show. I also include links to the previous episodes so that they can view at their leisure and watch one of those episodes. I think it pretty important considering we have had some people on the show as speaking participants who have never seen the show before. Primarily these folks are marketers looking to get the word out about their thing, which is all fine and good except they don’t know any of the in-jokes or the reason why we make fun of a particular person or say a particular thing so really we would much rather have people on the show that have actually watched the show at some point in their life.

One thing I’m not a fan of is having big numbers for the sake of having big numbers when really those numbers should equate to actions that are occurring on the thing that I’m putting so much time and energy into. So by clearing out the closet of all the old craft I am able to really talk to the people that I know are engaged in the content are willing to participate and would like to be notified of the latest posts. I’m pretty happy with the results because with my 300 people subscribed to the mailing list I am able to determine that a good percentage of them are actually opening and clicking on the links. So far an average of 23% opens and 3.5% clicks is pretty awesome.

One of the other reasons why I wanted to clear out that mailing list is because I wanted to have a good idea as to whose actually doing what on the mailing list and are they actually involved. This helps me with running house ads on the mailing list as well as looking to see if advertisers are interested in running ads for my audience too.

Early on I started running ads for my friends products on the mailing list in hopes that I can drum up some data to determine how many people are actually clicking on those particular links. So far by including offer codes and other things like that I am seeing some click throughs which is pretty good. I think overall it’s a good idea for me to run a test like this so that way if potential advertisers are interested in running ads for a very niche market which WPwatercooler to be WPblab and CommunityConnections are that the advertiser or potential advertisers Well actually know that my mailing list is worth advertising on and will hopefully want to run an ad on the show as well.

Podcasting is a business is really interesting there’s a lot of moving parts with it from creating good content distributing the content tracking to see how many people are actually cooking on or doing things through that content and then using third-party tools to track how all of those efforts are resulting overall.

If you’re someone like me that has a mailing list and you’re noticing that your click through rates and open rates are really low I would highly consider going through your mailing list and seeing how much bait you can cut. Sending out emails to people that aren’t even going to look at the email let alone click on it or do we need type of actionable thing with it I feel isn’t worth sending an email to. Obviously there are many types of million lists and content and mailing lists that this very hard and fast rule doesn’t apply to you but to me and my content a lot of it has to do with actionable items.

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Stepping outside of my existing workflow and trying new things

Like most people, you find what works for you and you typically stick with it, I’m looking to change that when it comes to software, hardware, and services that I pay for. I use a bunch of web development tools to get the various jobs and tasks that I do on a regular basis and I’m starting to see that some of these things I only use only because I know the people that make them or I’ve been using it for years. I’m done thinking like that and I’m starting to try out new things to tweak my workflow to optimize the journey to the end result.

I’m trying my best to find replacements to tools and services I use for a few reasons: cost, time, difficulty/ease of use, and new hotness.


Quick Launchers

Menu Bar Management

Text Editors


Local Web Development

File Sharing

As I start finding more of these things to try out I’ll add them to this list and will update it with what I’m currently using. Let me know in the comments if you are using anything new or different than what I’m using, I’d love to give it a try!

Don’t get caught looking at the clock during a live video stream – Video Streaming Tips

In this video, I’m going to show you a million dollar tip, one that makes it very easy to stay engaged with your live video stream without showing your viewers you are looking at the clock.

I record about 2 hours of live video each week and I have hard starts and hard stops on these shows so I need to look at the clock a lot. The best way I’ve found to not get caught looking at the clock is to move the time to the center of the screen so people watching me won’t see me look at the time periodically. It’s distracting to the viewer seeing your eyes move up and to the right over and over again much like it would be when you are having a face to face conversation.

We all do it, we’re talking on Facetime, Skype, Google Hangout etc and we look up at the clock to see what time it is. This is just as bad as looking at your watch while talking to someone in person, you lose engagement your eyes drift to the corner of the screen and now your participant or many participants while you are live streaming have seen that you looked at the corner of the screen, are they no longer important? Sure they are so why not show them the attention they deserve.

Share this tip with friends that do live streams, webinars and other on computer recorded content and save them the embarrassment using the social share links on this page. Leave me a comment if you do something like this or if you have any other tips to share!


DMC-G7 Firmware v2.0 adds Post Focus feature

I love when new features get added to existing product. Version 2.0 of my Panasonic DMC-G7 to include a Post Focus feature.

How does this work?

Their firmware update docs describe this feature as:

The camera can do Burst recording in the same picture quality as 4K photo recording while automatically shifting the focus to different areas. After the recording, you can select the desired area on the screen and save a picture in which the selected area is in focus. This function is suited for recording still objects.

  • Use a UHS Speed Class 3 card.
  • When using [Post Focus], the angle of view is narrower.


This feature reminds me a lot of the Lytro camera they touted a while back that would allow you to set the focus after the fact, it looks like my awesome lil mirrorless can do the same thing!

I took some photos of the screen while operating this new mode, it works pretty good and allows you to see the peaking focus colors too!

Test photos

You can read the PDF of the new features this update brings About the Upgrade of the DMC-GX8/recommends/panasonic-lumix-dmc-g7/recommends/panasonic-lumix-dmc-g70 Firmware v2.0 and to learn how to upgrade both the camera and the kit lens by clicking on Lumix on this horribly designs webpage: Where can I get a firmware update for my Panasonic consumer product?

Quick instructions

Fully charge your battery, download the zip file for the camera, insert the SD card into the computer, copy the .bin file enclosed in the .zip file your downloaded, eject the SD card and insert it into the camera. Power on the camera and press PLAY

Fully charge your battery, download the zip file for the camera, insert the SD card into the computer, copy the .bin file enclosed in the .zip file your downloaded, eject the SD card and insert it into the camera. Power on the camera and press PLAY buttn then follow the prompts to install. Eject the SD card and delete the firmware file on it, download the .zip for the lens, extract the enclosed .lin file and save it to the SD card, pop the SD card into the camera and press PLAY button then follow the firmware prompts. It’s pretty simple.


So what are the limitations on this new feature? Their docs describe this too.

  • You cannot take pictures with the flash. You cannot record motion pictures.
  • [Picture Size] will be fixed to [4K] (8M).
  • You cannot perform recording in some recording modes, such as Creative Video Mode and Panorama Shot Mode.
  • A drive mode setting other than [Self Timer] will change to [Single].
  • [Post Focus] is not available when a lens that does not support Auto Focus or a lens that supports the Four Thirds System standard is attached.

What photos are you going to take using this new feature?