Birthdays 6

My youngest daughter Jessalyn is 4 and has only been to a few birthday parties. Her take on a birthday party is one of the following or a combo of any of these: Place: at a park while camping at the beach in the living room in someones back yard a restaurant With some of…

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Happy Birthday Jessalyn, she turns 4 today.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="180" caption="Jessalyn and Dad"][/caption] My Daughter Jessalyn turns 4 today; she’s grown from this little tiny infant to an awesome 4 year old “big girl”.  It’s funny the nicknames you give your kids and how sometimes they contradict themselves. I call Jess by many names: “big girl”, “short stuff”, “sweetie”, “sweet pea”…

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Tips to make the most of your Disneyland Annual Pass

Tips to make the most of your Disneyland Annual Pass 11

My wife Jen and I bought Disneyland Annual passes yesterday (3/20/09) and we’ve been working on ways to make technology help us on our trips to The Park. Before we bought our passes (and went to Disneyland) yesterday I started looking on the iPhone to find some apps related to Disneyland and found these two:…

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Wedding Bells – Corey and Brandon Tucker

Wedding Bells - Corey and Brandon Tucker 15

[caption id="attachment_1653" align="alignleft" width="254" caption="Brandon and Corey"][/caption] My brother Brandon is getting married tomorrow and today we’re trekking out to Hesperia where his soon to be bride lives to take part in the festivities. Today is their wedding rehearsal, my youngest Jessalyn is in the wedding as the flower girl and I hope we can…

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