Don’t get screwed on new post-holiday return policies

I stole the following from this Consumerist article. I thought it was pretty important to share since I don't want to see any of my friends get screwed over while returning presents this holiday season. Consumer Reports released some advice for potential shoppers. Here's their advice: Get a receipt or gift receipt. Despite longer grace…Read More

Re-learning to unicycle

Back when I was a kid I did all sorts of things to keep myself entertained, here's a quick list: BMX Bikes Mountain Bikes Pogo Sticks Scooters Rollerblades Skateboards Unicycle Unicycle?? Really? Tell me more? Somehow in my preteens we acquired a unicycle. It was a Schwinn and it was a pain in the.. well,…Read More

WordPress and the iPhone

Wordpress announced today their new iPhone app Wordpress for iPhone. I'm actually blogging this using the application and it works quite nicely. Yesterday I tweeted about the need for a solid blogging app for the iPhone, typepad has this sort of app currently but didn't support wordpress. I'm stoked! Wordpress blog post about Wordpress for…Read More

Brain Dump

Here is some random things I'm thinking about: $: Lets not go there. :( Friends: I'm excited about Steve coming down for the Expo and hanging with me. It's crazy how he and I spent sooooo much time together back in the day; working together,  hanging out after work, hanging out at lunch and on…Read More