Products I use when driving for Lyft

Products I use when driving for Lyft 1

I know for drivers it’s important they feel comfortable in their vehicle and that it is providing added value to their customer. This tends to increase tips and the overall positive experience. I hope this list of products I use in my 2018 Kia Niro work well for you as they are for me.

Much like the Apps I use when driving for Lyft post this one focuses on hardware products I use when driving for Lyft.

Interior of my car with large review mirror, dashcam and iPhone dash holder in view.

Rear View Mirror

This is by far the most mentioned thing I have in my car is my “street racer style” Boardway mirror. This 400mm (15.748 inch) mirror clips over the stock mirror in your car making your mirror twice, if not three times as wide as the stock one.


  • You can see the people in the back seat better. Without it you could see their ear, now you can see their whole face and then some.
  • This mirror allows for more natural conversation with your passengers.
  • It allows you to keep your eyes on the road and not physically look behind you to talk to someone.
  • You can see passenger side blind spots better
  • It acts as a mirror for yourself when you have bad hair days


  • The mirror is REALLY big and takes some time to get used to it. I’ve owned one of these since 1998 so this is standard issue for me.
  • When cars that are behind you have bright lights there is no way of dimming them.

These come in two different styles, convex and flat. I’m a fan of the flat style since the convex looks like a funhouse mirror. You can buy these on Amazon, here is some links below.

Products I use when driving for Lyft 2


  • Black trim and convex wide style
  • Clips onto existing mirror; 400R (400 millimeter Convex)
  • 400 millimeter x 80 millimeter
  • Reduces blind spots and glare
  • Attachable mirror height 55-80 millimeter

Buy Broadway BW851 400mm Convex Type-A Mirror

Products I use when driving for Lyft 3


  • Black trim and flat wide style
  • Clips onto an existing mirror; 400F (400-millimeter Flat)
  • 400-millimeter x 80 millimeter
  • Reduces blind spots and glare
  • Attachable mirror height 55-80 millimeter

Buy Broadway BW850 400mm Flat Type-A Mirror


Personally, a dashcam is huge for me, here is why. When someone in your car realizes they are on camera they act differently. I’ve had people ask me about it and usually, they are just wanting to buy one for themselves. I’ve most likely have sold 50 of these over the900+ rides I’ve given people this last year. I’ve tried a few of these and this one has the most features out of the box.

What I like about this camera setup is that it has all the features in one unit. It allows you to record inside the cabin, out the front windshield and has optional GPS and can be hard wired into your car so you don’t need to worry about batteries. The device is windshield mounted with a suction cup. With the optional GPS the back of the suction cup acts as the GPS sensor. The connection between the mount and the camera itself is easily removable if you want to remove the device for some reason. Using 1 SD card the device records both the front and rear on the same card as well as the GPS and telemetry data (speed, direction, heading, elevation etc) This data can be mapped out using the included software or any 3rd party software that supports a dual camera with GPS.

What I don’t like – This device doesn’t have any wifi or Bluetooth connectivity if you want to copy the videos from a device you need to remove the card (door on the side, it’s easy to remove) and the put it in your computer. There is no good way to read this data to a smartphone short of a microSD to SD then a SD card reader for the iPhone or Android.

Products I use when driving for Lyft 4

Vantrue N2 Pro

Dual Dash Cam
Infrared Night Vision
Dual 1920x1080P Front and cabin cameras 310° Sony Sensors.

  • Seamless Loop Recording overwrites the oldest footage with the newest upon filling a card to capacity.
  • Variable sensitivity G-sensor auto detects a sudden shake/collision and emergency locks the footage to “Event File” to prevent that video from an overwrite.
  • Supports up to 256GB microSD cards

Dashcam in use window stickers

In my 2018 Kia Niro I have 2 tickers one on each rear windows that stick on the inside of the car and face outside. I have these stickers on my car warning my passengers that I’m recording them for my safety and theirs. Amazon, Etsy and other places all have collections of these stickers to choose from. Check your local laws as to what the sticker needs to say to inform the passenger of you recording them just to cover your butt legally.

Products I use when driving for Lyft 5

The sticker sticks to the inside of your window and is therefore protected. Protect your vehicle with it. Everyone will believe that you have an anti-theft camera in the car.

Buy Dashcam Recording Sticker

Phone Mount

Smartphone mounts are super important in this job and Lyft requires them to be used when driving. If safety is a concern for you and your passengers you want to be handling your phone as little as possible and most definitely not holding your phone while driving.

This iOttie Easy One Touch 4 is the one I use in my car and have never had a problem with it. What I like about it is that you just press your phone into it and the arms on the side slide in and lock around it. You press a button to release it and the arms spring out waiting to be used again to grasp the phone when its pushed in again. It’s a simple design that is made for single hand use and takes seconds to get use to.

Products I use when driving for Lyft 6

iOttie Easy One Touch 4

  • DASHBOARD PAD & SUCTION CUP: Includes a semi-permanent dashboard disc that applies directly to the dashboard. Place the suction cup directly on top of the dashboard disc for a smooth hold.
  • DASHBOARD MOUNTING: Before installation we recommend that both surface area and the product itself have a temperature above 40F. In addition, please let the dashboard pad sit for 30 minutes, before installing. PLEASE NOTE: If you have a leather dashboard please mount on your windshield for a stronger hold
  • ADJUSTABLE VIEWING: The newly re-designed Telescopic Arm extends from 4” – 6. 5” and pivots on 225° arc for a variety of optimal positions
  • UNIVERSAL MOUNTING & EASY ONE TOUCH LOCK/RELEASE: Universally holds all phone and case combinations from 2. 3” -3. 5’” includes Easy One Touch mount locks and release system

Buy the iOttie Easy One Touch 4

Light up USB charging cable

This is another one of those nice things you can do for your riders and since it’s lit up your riders wont ask y0u if you have a cord since it’s already in the back seat waiting for them. I like these USB cords because it adds some color to your back seat and makes it easy for the rider to find it. These ones are cool because they flash making it look like their phone is being charged with flowing electricity!

I usually keep on for iPhone that is one color and another on that is for Android that is another color. That way you can say “the blue one is for iPhone, the green one is for Android” and they can figure it out themselves.

Products I use when driving for Lyft 7

AoLiPlus 6.5 FT LED Charging Cable Visible Flowing Light UP USB Charger Cords

Compatible with Phone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6/6 Plus/5/5S/5C/SE – Blue

Buy AoLiPlus 6.5ft cord

3 port USB charger

You have some cool cords now you need a way to provide them with power. I have a bunch of these in my cars and this one seems to work nicely for what I’m doing.

Products I use when driving for Lyft 8

AUKEY Car Charger with Quick Charge 3.0

  • Charge compatible devices up to 4x faster with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Technology
  • Quick Charge 3.0 port + 2 Airpower Adaptive Charging ports with dedicated 2.4A output
  • Compatible with all USB powered devices including Quick Charge 2.0, Android, Apple phones & tablets
  • Built-in safeguards protect your devices against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging

Buy AUKEY Car Charger with Quick Charge 3.0

Question for you…

What products do you use in your Lyft or Uber? Leave a comment below!