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Jason Tucker is an IT Director, WordPress web developer, YouTuber and audio podcaster based in Whittier, CA.

Jason builds websites with WordPress and host to seven podcasts and video shows over his 10+ years of podcasting (CommunteCast, TuckerTales, Geekfit, WPwatercooler, WPblab, WPshowandtell, Hallway Track). He is IT Director at Whittier Area Community Church where he manages IT and is the resident Apple fanboy.

Other current and past projects include @PressedLinks, Overheard At Disneyland (@OHatDL) Overheard At Walt Disney World (@OHatWDW) along with other random ones.

He has spoken at various venues including Apple Store locations regarding Church IT and WordPress WordCamps.

Feel free to interact with him on twitter and instagram or check out his resume on linkedin.

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Our annual tradition, Letterboxing on January 1st

On New Year’s Day, my family and I went on our annual outing of going out to a local park...

Applying focus to only a few personal projects this new year

Good Morning! It's Day 1 of January the first day of the new year. I've been thinking a lot about...

WordCamp US in Nashville 2017 with my 12 year old daughter by my side

This past weekend November 28 - December 3rd my 12-year-old daughter Jessalyn and I flew out and attended WordCamp US...

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I love taking pictures, time-lapse, short videos and other experiments - enjoy my collection of photos below.

Something fun to share
Take a picture of your office space and post it as a comment, then post this in your blog so...
Last Night
Jen's ex sister in law (oy vey... thats a stretch) was "in town" for the week and was staying in...
Jessalyn Elise Tucker
Jessalyn was born at 8:02am. Weighed 7lbs 0.4 oz (3190oz) Was 19 1/2 inches long 13 inch chest 13 1/2...
Office Baby Shower & other stuff on my mind.
So this morning I walked into my office and all the ladies were huddled up in the customer service part...
OC Fair 2005
Last night Jen and I went to the OC Fair in Costa Mesa and we had a damn good time....
Wil at E3
I just saw that Wil is at E3 with Xeni Jardin. I really with I could have attended E3, I...
Drum Roll Please
The tech said that she has 26 years of exp and that she is certain that It's a GIRL!
A Day in my Life: Birthday Edition
I'm doing a "Weekend in my Life" Birthday Edition. My birthday is tomorrow and I wanted to capture it on...
Rock On!
Umm... yeah....
Damn sexy Gates
Also avail on mirrordot
Celeb Nativity
Someone is going to catch some shit for this one: Dripping with stars and dummies ... that's the new waxwork...
Celeb Nativity
Someone is going to catch some shit for this one: Dripping with stars and dummies ... that's the new waxwork...
HTML Tattoo
Umm yep, he sure did... more here: http://www.bmezine.com/tattoo/geek001.html
Wedding Pictures – JasonandJen.com
I'm still working on getting the pictures from the wedding reworked. The color is off and the lighting needs to...
Graffiti Creator – The coolest game online
Make your own: Graffiti Creator - The coolest game online
Wedding cupcakes
Wedding cupcakes Saturday we baked 300 cupcakes for our wedding cake. The picture to the left is me filling the...
eBay item 2259165346 (Ends Aug-14-04 23:00:00 PDT) – 33: Tom Cruise Original Artwork
So Lame ass Tom Cruise drew this 1 wheel'd car with smoke coming out thr back of it (or is...