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  • @iChris Oh wow, that would be quite the thing! They really should dress up but I'm not sure if apple is like that tho.

  • @iChris Just the right amount of "stick it to them" that I really wish this existed when my now adult kids were younger. It allows for the basics (or anything for that matter) without messing things up too much.

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    @manton Awesome, this is a great way to boost the signal. I know a lot of vanlifers that use this and it works wonders for their cell signals. The scary part of cutting a hole in the roof is that you need to make sure its sealed properly AND that you check that seal regularly or you may end up with a leak especially if you use automated carwashes. Awesome job and I hope the new setup works well for you!

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    @jasontucker it seems like a lot of the time the user has their set way of doing something and has never actually tried any other way to complete the task so they assumed that their way is always going to work no matter what. Software changes and Updates always threaten that way of thinking. 

  • @iChris if I had to guess this person works for a company of the same name and didn’t check to see if it was the same company.