BC Jean at Hard Rock Cafe 4/18 – SocialCam Test

Tonight I went with my good friend Bill Palmer (@beatweek) to check out a singer / song writer BC Jean (@bcjean) at the Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Blvd. We got there a bit early and had some fun playing an impromptu game of pong using the Faux-Microsoft-Surface-hung-on-a-wall that they use to show off all the music memorabilia…Read More

So you jailbroke your iPod Touch or iPhone, now what?

[bliptv 701073] My experience of jailbreaking my iPod Touch and installing apps. Here is a list of apps I talk about. Expect some reviews of these on I used this method to JailBreak my iPod Touch: - Let’s Jailbreak the iPod touch with the OFFICIAL Dev Teams GUI Method - II Apps I…Read More

Linkin Park – Minutes to Midnight

I've been listening to the latest efforts of Linkin Park entitled Minutes to Midnight and after the first listen I like some of it. One of my favorite tracks on the album is "Bleed it out" it has quite a bit of energy and really had my running on the treadmill at the gym. There…Read More

Jurassic 5 – Feedback

J5 has released their new album today called Feedback. I've been listening to it and I'm diggin' it. "Radio" is a tight song and "Work it out" feat Dave Matthews Band is damn soulful. J5 and Dave Matthews on the same track just works and very well at that. If your a J5 fan you…Read More

Here at work we were having this problem where the user is wanting to connect remotely to her computer at work. The user is on an unknown net connect (may have NAT, or may not, may be on wireless or may not) so we had to have it work no matter what connection she was…Read More