1 year ago today….

… Jen and I we’re waking up super early in the morning to get to the hospital for her scheduled C-Section. Jen was nervous writing on he hospital visit worksheet, I knew she was excited to finally see the baby she was carrying around in here for the last 9 months. Once we finished we got to see our doctor and they wheeled Jen off to the operating room for prep. I waiting with excitement, more so than a kid waiting for Xmas when I was finally told to come in to the OR. Minutes later Jessalyn was born, pastey, crying, small and these bright blue eyes.

From that moment on I haven’t let Jessalyn out of my sight.
Jen wrote a write up on this year with Jessalyn on JasonandJen.com

Happy Birthday Jessalyn!

Jessalyn also shares her birthday with the following celebs:

1978   Kel Mitchell
1970   Claudia Schiffer
1968   Rachael Ray
1961   Billy Ray Cyrus
1958   Tim Burton
1954   Elvis Costello
1950   Willy DeVille
1949   Gene Simmons
1946   Rollie Fingers
1933   Regis Philbin
1930   Sean Connery
1923   Monty Hall
1918   Leonard Bernstein
1917   Mel Ferrer
1916   Van Johnson
1909   Ruby Keeler
1905   Clara Bow