Another day of covid

Today sucked just not as bad as the previous days but Jen and I are both sleeping our way through Covid trying to get through the last of it. We had Tony’s Pizza tonight, it tasted like salt. Awesome. I hope coffee doesn’t taste weird too or we’re both going to be mad. To not have covid after all these years of it going around, us wearing masks and trying our best.

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Day 3 of covid

Day 3 of covid, lots of fever and chills, sleeping on an air mattress in my home office away from everyone. Watched season 2 of Foundation on Apple TV, so good. The girls had Canes to I had some as well. No problems. Later that night Jen tests positive and we relocate me to our bedroom. Slept 11 hours last night now starts a new day.

Day 1 of covid

Through this entire pandemic, I haven’t had Covid, but yesterday I wasn’t feeling good so I took a test just to make sure and ends up I do have Covid, so I told my family what’s going on, and I rearranged my home office to be able to accommodate me. I informed my Work of what was going on just to make sure that things are covered there. I’m the only IT person on staff so I’m just having people submit tickets that I can work on when I’m feeling better or once I’m back in the office.

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Playing with Widgetsmith’s new Music Collections widget and coupled it with the Apple Music player giving you those “coverflow” vibes of early iTunes. #widgetsmith awesome job on this update, the work you put in to it shows how much you care about your users.…

Widgetsmith in iOS17 using the interactive widgets

#widgetsmith #apple #iphone #ios17

Watching F1 while camping #singaporeGP 🏎️

What a day, what a week!

The three of us on WPwatercooler recapped the weeks stuff going on regarding the co-founder of WordPress going off on a bunch of people on Twitter one of which being my cohost, which he ended up blocking on X. Our episode was over an hour and the topic definitely required it. I’m finding that the WordPress community as amazing as it is has some very questionable leadership and every time there’s a tweet from this person you can see how that leadership is just more and more out of touch with how to deal with high functioning volunteers.

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What do you think, will the iPhone mag safe wallet work with the iPhone 15 Pro Max?

#apple #iphone15

Chillin with my dogs 🐶

They didn’t win but we did get to sing “Take me out to the ball game” quick fact - The song was penned in 1908 by 29-year-old Jack Norworth, a Tin Pan Alley songwriter who, by his own account, had never been to a baseball game ⚾️📸

We buy souls

Re-introducing myself to blogging

I’ve been blogging for well over 20 years and found that each time I set out to start blogging the website is usually the thing that stops me from being productive. I wanted to see if I could remove the fiddly bits of a website and just use something that is not only purpose built, but also doesn’t have a whole lot of fiddly bits to mess with, so I moved my website from my self hosted WordPress to a service called Micro.

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Momentum - My favorite browser start page

If you're anything like me, opening a new tab can often lead to a rabbit hole of distractions. That's where Momentum comes in its a game changing browser extension that transforms your new tab page into a personal sanctuary of focus and productivity. Instead of the usual blank slate or a clutter of bookmarks, Momentum presents you with a beautifully designed dashboard that serves multiple purposes. It not only helps you stay laser-focused on your tasks but also keeps you organized with built-in to-do lists and even sprinkles in a dash of daily inspiration.

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The turn names of Silverstone - British GP

As an American F1 fan, I've been fascinated by the Silverstone Circuit, a place that's steeped in history and tradition. It's like the Fenway Park or Wrigley Field of motor racing, a classic venue that's seen so much over the years. Before getting into the names of the turns lets look at some of the history of this location. The story of Silverstone starts back in World War II, when it was an airfield for the Royal Air Force.

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Getting work done on the go with an iPhone

During my day job as an IT Director I find myself away from my desk quite a bit and wearing many hats. My work changes directions a lot and running back to my desk to use my computer just takes too much time to get simple tasks done. Because of this, over the years I’ve had to learn to adapt and to make sure that I can do many of these tasks while mobile.

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WP-WebAuthn - Passkey on WordPress

With Google recently announcing The beginning of the end of the password I started thinking about WordPress and what plugins are available that allow for passkey support for authentication. Using only your username you can use the passkey system to use your computer or mobile device to perform the rest of the login sequence. Google is moving toward this so I might as well explore this a bit further. WP-WebAuthn Looking in the WordPress plugin directory I found a plugin that I've been using for several months on WPwatercooler's website called WP-WebAuthn created by Axton which includes a WebAuthn Login Form block if you need it.

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YukiTube - Yuki Tsunoda's YouTube Channel

With it being 5 months since Danny Ric putting anything out on his YouTube channel Daniel Ricciardo it looks like Yuki Tsunoda and his PR team are starting up a channel for him, the first video focusing on fitness, fun in the water and fun in the desert of Dubai. Most of the video is with his Australian performance coach Michael Italiano who also worked with Daniel Ricciardo when he was with McLaren.

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F1 2023 drivers screen time on new intro sequence

I was reading around on Reddit and came across this video doing a timer on how long each driver was on screen doing the new 2023 intro for F1. F1 2023 Drivers screen time in the new intro sequence []( I love some of the comments on Reddit: Ok, the actions of russell and leclerc in this are cracking me up. Looks like something out of zoolander. oleboogerhays Not to mention Ocon doing a full on Blue steel

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Geeky fun with F1

As a recent convert to the exciting world of Formula One racing, my wife Jen and I have been thoroughly captivated by this adrenaline-fueled sport. Since discovering our love for F1 last year, we’ve been avidly following every race, always looking for ways to enhance our viewing experience. In my quest for more information about the sport, I’ve come across some valuable resources that I believe will be useful for both new and seasoned fans.

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What's with ActivityPub + WordPress + Cloudflare not working?

I've been on a journey to get to be on the fediverse and it hasn't been as easy as I was thinking it was going to be. Folks that run a website and want to use Mastodon to build community around it have a few options for being presented on the Fediverse. This post isn't going to help you solve this yet but I hope we can work out what needs to be done in order to do so.

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