24 Hour Fitness

Tonight before dinner I headed over to 24 hour fitness to see about joining. On saturday they had their anniversary sale which saved me some money on the initial cost of the sign up. The girl “Fitness Counselor” Cristina that helped me out was very nice and informative.  The gym is one of the “ACTIVE” ones (it doesnt have a basketball court, juice bar or a pool which is a bummer), but it does have a decent sized XGroup room for kickboxing and such. They also have a Kids’ Club for watching the kids if you needed a baby sitter while working out.

Near my work there is one that is a “sport” club that has a pool and some other amenaties. For now as long as there is a stair stepper and treadmill I’m good.

My plan is to try and get there at 6:00am tomorrow get back home by 7 and get cleaned up for work and arrive there by 8 or so. All of this is dependant on if I can wake up that much earierl. I guess I’ll give it a shot. I think I’m going to load my PDA with some high energy music to work out to tomorrow thats IF i make it up in time.  Wish me luck….