3 days…

until my vacation begins. Chris and Caitlin’s grandparents invited us to go on vacation with them to Mammoth CA. I’ve never been to Mammoth nor have I camped with their grandparents (or spent more than a few hours with them) so we’ll see how it goes. We’ll be leaving bright and early on Saturday the 24th and will be returning Friday or Saturday the following week. The drive from our house to Mammoth is about 7 hours.

I had Microsoft Streets and Trips calculate the trip and were looking at $56 one way in gas which isn’t all that bad. I love how the application will take the MPG of the car, distance of the trip and current gas price and calc it for you. It will also figure out where you should stop on your trip to get gas. My plan is to copy that stop data into my PDA/Phone which has TomTom on it and do all the navigation using TomTom with its built in GPS.

In one of Jen’s previous posts she talked about her writing up a list of all the items she needs to pack and how I hate when she does that. It’s not so much that I hate it.. I just like to give her a hard time about it. So I too made a list http://abstrakone.backpackit.com/pub/626676 using BackPackIt.com so I can access it from home/work/pda.