Spinning Exhaust Tip

The SPINNER EXHAUST TIP adds a spinner to the end of a car’s exhaust pipe. The spinner will rotate in the exhaust stream. At high engine speeds the spring-loaded spinner is also pushed out of the exhaust tip, giving a visual indication of the revving engine. For a variety of cars with electronic fuel infection engine control, the SPINNER EXHAUST TIP has the beneficial effect to eliminate the initial hesitation of the engine under rapid acceleration.

Yet another spinning contraption for your vehicle. First they had the wheels, then the shoes, the medalions and now the spinning exhaust tip. What gets me is none of these except the wheels REALLY make sense. I mean at least the wheels go `round and ok, lets play off of that. But when was the last time your SHOES or your ghetto medalion ever spun?!!?! Well there you have it folks. Spinning exhaust.

Price: $39.00 (Plus taxes and S&H)
They even have one that POPS OUT!!

And no, the Mustang nor the Durango are getting these. This is just the lamest thing EVER.