7 interesting apps for the Apple TV on launch day

Friday October 30th 2015 Apple released the new Apple TV with a plethora of apps to download. Like most people we’ve been combing through the App Store looking for interesting apps to use on the Apple TV. Below is our list of the most interesting apps that we’ve found.

  1. SketchParty TV Display (link)
    This game came out as one of the only multi screen games for the previous gen Apple TV when used with the iPad version of the game SketchParty TV you’d see play area on the TV screen and on the iPad you’d be instructed to draw something for the other people in the room to guess, much like Pictionary. The iOS game (download) has been updated to support this new SketchParty TV Display app and is available for free in the Applet TV app store.
  2. SimpleX – for Plex (link)
    If you are a Plex user like I am you’ll most likely will want to be able to use Plex on your new AppleTV. Plex hasn’t officially released an app to connect to your Plex server but a third party SimpleX – for Plex has.
  3. Flickr
    If you are someone like me and you have both an Apple iCloud account with all your photos stored on there and then found that you don’t have access to all of them in Photos in the cloud Flickr comes to the rescue. I’ve been posting all of my photos to Flickr over the years and it was a treat to be able to see them on the big screen natively. Until Apple gets its stuff together with Photos (and not requiring a computer on the network to access  Photos) this seems to be your best bet (aside from AirPlay from your iPhone or iPad).
  4. Noon Pacific (link)
    I love Noon Pacific for the various mixes they do. If you are a fan like I am give this app a try.
  5. Readder for reddit
    Checking out photos and videos on Reddit couldn’t be simpler on the Apple TV with this app.
  6. VSCO
    Since there isn’t an Instagram app for Apple TV checking out photos from VSCO seems to be a good way to get your fix on all of the awesome photos being posted out there.
  7. Alto’s Adventure (link)
    If you can’t get enough Alto and his pals on iOS you can play it on the new Apple TV, give it a try, it’s been a blast to play.

I hope this list helps you find some great apps to try out on your new Apple TV.

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